“One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

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When I think of America: “the land of the free”, “that shining city on a hill”, these are the kinds of images that come to mind. And then, I am so moved by these images that I start to sing, “God screw America, land I despise…!!”


A Georgia police officer was caught on camera “protecting and serving” a homeless woman. The incident occurred at a gas station in Decatur, Georgia on June 4 and the beating was caught on a cell phone video.

The police officer claims that the woman was “out of control” while “resisting arrest.” The cop was called to the scene after customers reported that a homeless woman was soliciting customers inside of the Chevron gas station’s convenience store.


{Sojourner note: America consists of different levels of pig (what I call pig-otry): at the top of these slop encrusted swine are the royal and Zionist elite pigs, then come their (s)elected stooge pigs (at the fed, state and local levels), then there are the corporate/wall street pigs, and lastly, the blue coated, gun toting, badge wearing pigs on the street/beat, the lowest form of pig, the piglets: these are the piggies who didn’t get enough of raping, pillaging, torturing, harassing and mass murdering men, women and children in the middle east or Africa, so now they have returned home and become PIGS IN BLUE. America: land of the pigs galore!}

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Source: [VIDEO] Cop Beats Homeless Woman With A Baton For “Resisting Arrest” | The Daily Sheeple