Those Who Produce and Profit From “Smart” Phone/Social Media Technology are as Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity as this Government and its Allies!


I no longer have a land line and have rid myself of cable television. I now only have internet and a simple cell phone, which sits idly on my dresser most of the time; I use this device only when I make a call, here and there, or for medical emergencies.

On the other hand, everyone I know owns a “smart” phone and “are on” Facebook and/or Twitter, etc: their “smart” phones are always on, and they always seem to be checking it for new messages. And these are friends and acquaintances I have known for years, friends and acquaintances I consider to be far above average in intelligence and seemingly aware of all the mind/soul destruction that is being perpetrated on humanity at the moment.

For the life of me, I do not understand how these people can be this easily manipulated by this blatant type of mind-control?

The following video is twelve minutes long. It is to the point and well worth your time. So take a twelve minute break from your “smart” phone/social-media addiction and watch this. Check out how you are being mind-destroyed by these Big Brother devices: