Entire US Town “Trapped,” Homes Unsalable Because Military Poisoned Their Water Supply

Image: http://www.activistpost.com The following article is just one more example of this government's blatant contempt for those it hypocritically (falsely) claims to "represent": "we the people". "We the people" have long since outlived our usefulness to these (s)elected stooges, since this dying empire from hell has, many moons ago, stopped producing anything other than more … Continue reading Entire US Town “Trapped,” Homes Unsalable Because Military Poisoned Their Water Supply

On John McCain’s cancer

John McCain has cancer of the brain: GOOD! Hallelujah!

John McCain is no hero, he is a two faced, elite-swine owned and operated mass murderer of men, women and children.

What happened to McCain in Vietnam he had coming to him. And what is happening to him now, he has coming to him!

Taking Sides

There has been an avalanche of tweets about US Senator John McCain wishing him well in his battle against brain cancer. Conservatives and liberals alike have issued their hope that this “war hero” will fight on and overcome his ailment. He has been sent a steady stream of warm greetings and well-wishes from multitudes of politicos.

All of these statements – every single one of them – are in fact expressions of neo-Nazi imperial chauvinism.

Think about this: liberals are telling us that we need to be “civil” and “classy” by issuing gushing praise for this war criminal and war monger, responsible for bombing the people of Vietnam and the people of Yemen (through his support for Saudi actions there). He is a Russia-baiter and an Iran-baiter, and has forged ties with jihadis in Syria. What’s the message in calling this imperialist thug a “war hero” for having being detained…

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