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For those who are still playing the political game of democrat-left vs republican right, I would suggest the closing of the mouth and opening of the eyes and mind to finally see and comprehend what is really happening, politically speaking. If you pathetic members of the red-white-and-blue herd haven’t figured it out by now, there is only one political party in these here “united states”, and therefore, you herd members have NO CHOICE, your precious VOTE is meaningless!

The following two articles should be enough evidence to validate my point here, or at least it should be, for those folks who haven’t been completely programmed/mind-fucked by this particular elite-swine manipulation: “The American people have two very different political parties to choose from, when they vote!”

I) If you want to avoid jail time, run for president

By Jon Rappoport

Richard Painter was once an ethics lawyer for George W Bush.

{Sojourner note: notice that this high-priced shyster was once a tool of the republicans, and now he is, in reality, acting as a tool for the democrats. Why, you ask, would this lawyer be this back and forth, this hypocritical? Well, my answer is, once again: there is no difference between these two fraudulent political parties, and there never really has been. It’s all been a very long, involved scam. These so called republicans and democrats, these paid-off stooges of the Zionist elite-swine, have simply been mind-fucking you members of the herd for the last century-plus!}

Lawyer Painter claims Trump must not push the Attorney (AG) General into prosecuting Hillary Clinton, because it is wrong for a sitting president to go after his former opponent from an election campaign.

Wrong? Painter actually wrote:

“[Trump] Pressuring AG to prosecute the person [Hillary] who lost the election is an impeachable offense if we value free elections.”

Impeachable? Really?

By that logic, it might be a good idea for drug traffickers and banksters and mobsters and other miscreants to gain immunity by running for the highest office in the land.

“Hey, you can’t arrest me. I ran for president.”

Painter may be a lawyer, but he doesn’t understand logic. Or he does, and he’s just bloviating, because he wants to pile on Trump.

“Mrs. Clinton, did you begin committing your first felonies after you announced your candidacy for the presidency in 2016?”

“Ha-ha, goodness no. Bill and I were breaking all sorts of laws from the beginning, back in Arkansas.”

If lawyer Painter had lived at the time of Al Capone, he could have said, “Big Al, I have a one-stop shop for your legal problems. Join one of the two political parties and run for president. Then you’ll be untouchable.”

The money-washing Clinton Foundation was not an invention of Donald Trump. Neither was the outrageous uranium deal the Clintons helped engineer, during which 20% of US uranium production was sold to Putin.

“Mrs. Clinton, we’re taking a close look at your role in the invasion of Libya, which turned that nation into a sewer of destruction, death, and chaos.”

“Sorry, I can’t answer questions on that subject. I ran for president.”

“Are you pleading the Fifth?”

“Certainly not. I’m saying I was promised immunity.”

“By whom?”


I’m waiting for lawyer Painter’s next shot out of the box. It might go this way: “Trump didn’t actually win the election, he colluded with Russia, so he isn’t president, so he can’t order the Attorney General to do anything. Hillary Clinton is actually the president, and as such, she can claim executive privilege and refuse to allow herself to be prosecuted, as long as she remains in office.” Which, in her mind, is forever.

I’m aware that many people believe Trump himself is escaping prosecution for past financial crimes because he is in currently in the White House. However, the last time I looked at the law, two wrongs don’t make a right. If Hillary has committed serious crimes (and she has), then prosecution ought to follow.

The media shouldn’t object. Hillary Clinton, in the dock, in a globally televised trial? The ratings would extend to Mars.

With Mr. Painter as her attorney, there would be fireworks:

“My client, Hillary Clinton, was born in a solar system far, far away. That information has just come to light. Therefore, I challenge the standing of this court to review her actions. At the moment, space ships are departing her home planet with legal papers to serve, including a birth certificate. They should arrive circa 2406AD. Until that time, she should be released on her own recognizance.”

“This is trial is being brought to you by Bayer, maker of Thorazine. Ask your doctor if Thorazine is right for you.”

Source: If you want to avoid jail time, run for president « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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(Mr Bait and Switch)

Here is another example of this one party system, which means no choice for the red-white-and-blue herd. John McCain says, “Never mind what the herd wants! Fuck the herd!”

II) McCain Shocks Senate by Shooting Down Obamacare Repeal


WASHINGTON — The senator who was defeated by President Obama in his 2008 quest for the White House stepped in to cast the deciding vote to kill Senate Republicans’ last-gasp effort to repeal Obama’s signature healthcare legislation before the summer recess.

Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) were expected to vote against the “skinny repeal” — a bare-bones repeal of only the individual and employer mandates as well as the medical device tax; the latter has drawn bipartisan criticism over the years.

Vice President Mike Pence was at the Capitol, ready to cast a tie-breaking vote as he had to do when Collins and Murkowski were the lone GOP dissenters on the motion to proceed to the healthcare debate. But the final tally was 49-51.

Audible gasps arose from the Dem side of the chamber when Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) walked forward and cast a “no” vote.

Read More Here:

Source: McCain Shocks Senate by Shooting Down Obamacare Repeal


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