“How to Protect Your Son from Rape Hoaxes”

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Twenty-five years ago or more, ‘sex crimes’ had replaced communism as the next ‘horrific’ thing for Americans to fear and hate. The powers that be had figured out, many moons ago, that keeping the vast majority of Americans paranoid enough to fear and hate some thing, or some one was an excellent way to control them.

It’s more than a little strange that a country like America, being the most sex-crazed, perverse and slutty nation, since Caligula took over Rome, would be so hung up on ‘sex crimes’. This preoccupation with ‘sex crimes’ seems to be connected to a more than filthy, disgusting conscience, which most Americans, whether spotless looking or not, suffer from, and is most likely connected with the mass murdering of tens of millions of unborn human beings in the mother’s womb, as well.

In comparison to even France, Americans are a quadruple X rated stag film. And the major religions, with their “don’t do this” and “don’t do that” dogma, have only aided in this preoccupation with the wide variety of sexual perversions that most Americans partake of. And if you think about it, all of this makes sense, since the other major malady, which most Americans suffer from, is their never-ending, blatant HYPOCRISY.

Face it, Mr and Ms America, most of you are sexual perverts/predators, it’s just that you have never been turned-in/caught! Remember the sixties and seventies, Mr and Ms America, or have you conveniently swept those perverse memories under the throw rugs, along with your other dirty little secrets?


Getting back ‘on task’, this ‘sex-crime’ mind-fuck (‘paranoia’) has continued to mutate over the last quarter century. Pedophilia, which was the first modus operandi for creating fear and hatred, is evidently no longer at the epicenter of the elite-swines’ agenda. And the major reason why the pedophile-paranoia has died down, of course, is due to the FACT that the largest percentage of the elite-swine, and their stooges (former presidents, corporate types and congressmen), like little boys and girls, in a very SEXUAL way!

Needless to say then, the mind-fuck emphasis has been drawn away from the illness of pedophilia and instead, now focuses on ‘date rape’ and other such manipulations; which all lead to feeding the prison industry and thousands of ruined lives.

I have no doubt that most women are not lying about being raped. Americans, men and women, boys and girls, are sexually fucked-up. But because RAPE/SEXUAL-ASSAULT has become such a tool of destruction in the lives of thousands of young men, I also believe there are a multitude of ‘daddy’s little princesses’ who have learned how to use their sexual prowess as a weapon: either to get even for being dumped, or just for the sheer, perverse joy of ruining a male’s life.

These little violent fems (daddy’s wet dreams), should pay the price for their life destroying lies, by being sentenced to the same amount of prison time as the accused and proven innocent male would have been sentenced to. And they should also be listed on a ‘national registry’ (A Scarlet Letter) in this manner: “Female-who-lies-about-being-raped PREDATOR”! And while in prison, these daddy’s little princesses should be turned over to the hard core lesbians, who will know exactly what to do with them, and who will never be willing to take “No” or “I have a headache” as an answer!

Protect Your Son from Rape Hoaxers Like Lena Dunham

It seems that nary a day goes by without Lena Dunham being proven either a liar or a fool. Today’s example is this stupid tweet.

Uh… that’s not true. Not even a little bit.

Luckily, the Twittersphere unleashed every rape hoax in recent memory to combat this stupid lie. But it brings to mind, as we’re all in the midst of back-to-school preparations, what an important issue “campus rape hoaxes” are and why your son needs to be armed against diabolical coeds who would ruin his life without a second thought. Women faking rape is so prevalent that as the parent of a boy you MUST have a very frank talk with your son in order to prepare him for what could happen. First, sit him down and read this article to him. Second, come up with a plan that will protect him from wasting years of his life and having his reputation destroyed by some vindictive feminist who decides to haul him into court.

Don’t believe me? Look what happened to these poor bastards:

Nikki Yovino, a Sacred Heart University student, thought it would be fun to get sympathy from a love interest by accusing two football players of rape. Even though she admitted in court that she lied, the victims of her hoax suffered major consequences.

Agustin Sevillano, the lawyer for the now-former football players, who are not being identified, described what his clients went through as a result of Yovino’s rape allegations. They were scheduled for a school disciplinary hearing but, on the advice of legal council, agreed instead to withdraw from the university rather than face the chance of being expelled and having that on their records. He said one of his clients lost a football scholarship. They have also had to live with the stigma of being accused rapists, he said.

Luckily, this other brain stem didn’t actually finger any suspects, or their lives would have been ruined too.

Officials said that teen, who also uses the last name Talbott, made a false report to police on March 8 claiming to have been abducted and gang-raped behind a church in Denison, Texas.

The teen turned up at the local church covered in blood and wearing only a shirt, bra and underwear. She allegedly told parishioners that black men had taken her into the woods and raped her.

Yep…that didn’t happen. It turns out she inflicted the wounds on herself.

Some of these girls don’t even wait until college to hone their fake rape stories…

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Source: How to Protect Your Son from Rape Hoaxes


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