They Must Be Joking! #1


There are so many ‘news’ items I find absolutely mind boggling these days, that I have decided to post them with this heading: They Must Be Joking!

Here is the first batch:

Exhibit A: ‘Manspreading’ Is Science, Not Sexism

A “manspreading”assenger doing a crossword puzzle. Photo by Elvert Barnes (published under creative commons)


Feminists suddenly think the way men sit is a problem. With our legs spread out just a bit, making room for “the boys” and to be a bit more comfortable, we’re guilty of an “act of dominance that is the result of deep-rooted societal privilege borne of our patriarchal society.”

Are they right?

Yeah … I don’t think so, and I’m not alone. Science agrees:

Here’s what happens when someone like me sits with my knees close together: The round ball at the top of the femur will pinch against the outside edge of the acetabulum (the hip socket), straining the labrum that lines the socket. To get into that position, I have to activate the adductor muscles on my inner thighs. That automatically triggers resistance from the abductor muscles on my outer thighs, creating tension that can reach all the way up into the lower back. The second I release the contraction, my thighs spring apart, leaving a gap of about 15 inches from the center of each kneecap, more than three-quarters of the distance to a proper manspread.

Women, on the other hand, have a wider pelvis and thighbones that more naturally angle in toward the body’s midline, rather than away from it. Sitting with the knees close together is a stress-free position most of the time, although that changes during pregnancy, when the weight of the belly pushes the knees out.

Differences in hip anatomy aren’t just gender-specific. They differ by your regional ancestry as well. One fascinating consequence of these differences, McGill says, is the close relationship between orthopedic disease rates and athletic ability. Poland, for example, is the epicenter of hip dysplasia — hips coming out of the socket. But because shallow hip sockets allow deep, ass-to-calves squats, Poland also produces a lot of great Olympic weightlifters.

In other words, there are anatomical reasons why men sit the way they do. It’s not a matter of power dominance, but because our skeletal system is put together just a bit differently.

So why is “manspreading” such an issue? The answer is simple. Feminists view everything from the perspective of power dynamics. It’s their primary tool, and when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.

By looking at everything as having something to do with power dynamics, they view men sitting the way they do as another example. After all, women can sit with their knees together easily enough, why can’t men do the same?

Source: Manspreading Is Anatomy, Not Sexism

What the fuck is wrong with feminists these days? Now, I can’t even sit down the way I want to, the way I am most comfortable, without being labeled a misogynist, power-mad monster by these violent fems, who evidently have too much time on their hands. These violent fems’ corporate-executive husbands should take away their maid service, so they have something to do during the day, besides, that is, having sex with the pool boy/girl, playing tennis, and having tea and crumpets with the girls?

What would happen if I complained about a woman’s bra-less breasts hanging low, or a woman in a short skirt who is incapable of keeping her knees together (womanspreading), or a woman breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant, where I and other men are trying to eat?

You know what would happen, all hell would break loose. But I, on the other hand, am fair game for this kind of misandrist crybaby bullshit; it’s open season on me and all other men, especially those of us who are of the Caucasian persuasion.

HEAR YE! HEAR YE!, MISANDRIST FEMINIST-WENCHES (I’m being nice here): as long as I am properly clothed, I will sit any way I damn well please! And if you can’t deal with it, then you know what you can do!

Insanity is the order of the day!


Exhibit B: PETA: Stop Eating Cheese, Or You’re A Sexist!

August 6, 2017 By Brittany Soares

PETA has gotten a reputation, even amongst vegans, to be an extreme animal rights activist group that spouts hypocritical rhetoric — as it notorious for unnecessarily euthanizing the majority of the animals they “save.”

While at this point, we half expect the kinds of crazy spouted from the beaks of these loons, but a recent article they posted on their site just might be the strangest yet.

They are now pushing veganism on the basis that you are sexist if you eat cheese.

Declaring that cheese is “the most sexist thing you can eat,” PETA explains how you can “help end violence, reproductive control, and rape of females of animal species” by going dairy-free.

They start out by talking about being steadfast feminists who need to also pay attention the form of sexism that is on their plate. When they rhetorically ask if food can be sexist, they firmly assert that it can be “when it’s the product of imprisonment, rape, reproductive control, kidnapping, and abuse.”

They continue to explain the details to their unconventional claim…

Read More Here:

Source: PETA: Stop Eating Cheese, Or You’re A Sexist!

First, let me say that I am no fan of how animals are treated by corporate-run mega-farms. I love animals. And I also know of independent farmers, in my state, that only use their dairy cows for so long before either rotating or retiring them.

Having said that, if PETA would have kept this to strictly a cruelty to animals statement, then I never would have included it in this post. But this video is typical heads-up-their-anus, extremist-left, PETA bullshit.

I remember reading an article, many years ago, by one of these PETA lunatics, where a male higher-up in the organization had claimed he would rather see his children die, than watch as animals suffer and die. That was enough for me to know what PETA was all about.

We live in a world, thanks to Darwinism and eugenics, where human life has been so devalued that an ‘endangered species’ of fish in some stream, out in the middle of fucking nowhere, garners more attention than the millions of men, women and children, worldwide, who are being harassed, imprisoned, tortured, raped, starved and mass-murdered by this genocidal system of government.

I love animals! But if it comes down to me defending/protecting/saving an animal, or defending/protecting/saving another human being, then the animal will be shit out of luck.

And on top of all this, PETA is now spouting the feminist bullshit here, as if female cows are somehow feminists, as well. What insane assholes these PETA folk be!

They must be joking!


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