Bloodshed and Unemployment Insurance – For Labor Day


Originally posted at the height of the great recession

The New York Times front page on 7 March 1930, the day following the march

The New York Times front page on 7 March 1930, the day following the march

Well the Christmas season ended with Congress deciding we didn’t have the money to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed.  Happy New Year.

I’m sure we will find the money to “support our troops” or subsidize agri-business or to continue the oil depletion allowance.

No money for the long-term unemployed.  Besides, sending them checks makes them shiftless and lazy.  Rand Paul says so.

A number of states, including New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida have begun to toy with idea of (a) mandatory drug tests for anyone receiving unemployment benefits and (b) mandatory “community service” as well.

Charles Dickens would be proud. “Are there no prisons? Are the work houses still in operation?”

It makes one wonder if the “American people” know anything about how unemployment…

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