Quotations from “The Constitution Con”, By Michael Tsarion

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Here are some quotations that reveal how we the individuals have been CONNED by the constitution we were all programmed to worship from childhood. All of these quotations are from Michael Tsarion’s The Constitution Con.

Quotations from the “The Constitution Con”


From an occult point of view the Constitution was ratified on an Atonist festival day. It is, therefore, a patently Solar Cult document. This is because the date of ratification – June 21st – is the day the sun ascends to its highest point in the zodiac.

Washington presided on a low rostrum in the Assembly Hall (where the Declaration of Independence had been approved) from his “rising sun chair.” The top of the chair showed half a sun with two eyes and a nose and thirteen rays like hair. Above it on a stem hung a pyramid-shaped plant. The whole is a Templar image. As the delegates sign the new Constitution, Benjamin Franklin told them that the sun on Washington’s chair was rising, not setting on the new union – Nicholas Hagger (The Secret History of the West)

Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton were three of the men who framed the infernal Constitution and pushed for its ratification. Their document served the American aristocracy, not the people. In fact the document was never put before the people for ratification, and was openly opposed by the majority of men and women in the original thirteen states, who resisted coming together to form any kind of unified nation. Facts of this sort have been deliberately concealed through the decades, but are now openly accepted by some mainstream American historians, such as Joseph Ellis, Thomas DiLorenzo, and others.

The Constitutionalists were guileful traitors whose attendance at the Philadelphia Convention was kept secret for an entire generation. Their document served to leave the “door” of America unlocked and ajar, so the country’s foreign enemies could surreptitiously re-enter in the days and years following the supposed War of Independence.


The hypocrisy and duplicity of the Federalists is responsible for modern neo-imperialism and advent of the so-called New World Order. In our opinion these men were little more than British agents, because King George himself – who declared eternal war on America – could not have done as much damage to America as their actions wrought.

Such a tyrannical future where property rights would be ignored, where a massive standing army would lurk unchallengeable, where Congressmen would hold office for life, where ruinous treaties would be commonplace, where Presidential powers would make Nero jealous, where gold and silver would vanish from circulation to be replaced by the worthless “notes” of a private banking conglomeration, where the States would be reduced to mere administrative departments of the feds, and where the grasp of taxation would actually reach into the common laborer’s paycheck – all this was too fantastic to be even theoretically contemplated during the ratification debates – Kenneth W. Royce (Hologram of Liberty)

When the duplicitous Hamilton was asked why he helped draft the Constitution, he guardedly replied:

My motives must remain in the depository of my own breast.

He was but one member of the Philadelphia Convention who secretly resented the independence of America. One perceptive dissenter realized this and wrote:

The Continental convention…was composed of some men of excellent characters; of others who were more remarkable for their ambition and cunning, than their patriotism; and of some who have been opponents to the independence of the United States – (Dissenting Address of the Pennsylvanian Convention, 18 December 1787)

…George Washington as head and Major General Henry Knox as secretary. Both men were card-carrying Freemasons and Federalists. They and their cohorts planned to subvert and destroy the American Republic, replacing it with an oligarchy.

…this Constitution was a strange occurrence. Before that time, there was no such thing as a nation being ruled by a constitution. Countries were ruled by kings who granted some rights to the people. Yet governance by constitution had existed in Masonic lodges for hundreds of years – Sanford Holst (Sworn in Secret: Freemasonry and the Knights Templar)

James Madison is considered the “father” of the US Constitution. He was heavily influenced, as were many American politicians, by the philosophy of French aristocrat Baron de Montesquieu who believed in monarchy…


The con is evident from the Constitution’s Preamble, as we said. In fact the “People” referred to are not citizens of America, No! They are the elites who rule from within a legally separate precinct known as the District of Columbia. This district is under federal control and the government operating from within it is, legally speaking, a foreign institution. The term “We the People” denotes this separate ruling elite. It refers to the imperious overlords who have granted the Constitution to the masses within the “United States of America” – the non-sovereign nation under their control. Therefore, the entity mentioned in the first line of the Preamble is not the same entity mentioned in the last line. Let’s read it again and uncover the cunning artifice of its authors:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

This is what the Preamble subtextually infers:

WE THE RULING ARISTOCRACY, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution FOR THE SLAVES WITHOUT RIGHTS, UNDER OUR FEDERAL CONTROL.

Because “People” is capitalized it is a proper noun referring to a specific body of people – Kenneth W. Royce (Hologram of Liberty)

These facts explain why the word “for” is found in the last line, not the word “of.” Legally, there is a big difference between:

…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


…do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.

The first rendering implies the Constitution has been granted to one body by another. Ergo the Constitution is nothing more than a totalitarian document, ratifying aristocratic control over the “United States of America” and its inhabitants. The elites are literally saying: “This document and its articles are for you.” The point being that it is not of you, meaning, it is not yours by natural right. The word “for” indicates that the matter of the document is bestowed or imposed by others. And of course when a person gives someone something, they presumably want something in return. This was certainly the case for the cunning Federalists who conceived the Constitution.


Many critics and authors have pointed out these disturbing facts and rightly insist that the so-called “United States” is not the same thing as the so-called “United States of America.” Nevertheless, due to deliberate misinformation and conditioning, most people do believe the terms refer to one and the same entity. They are certainly not inclined to think of the “United States” (or U.S.) as a foreign corporation. Furthermore, the drafters of the Constitution intentionally saw to it that the term “United States” had more than one meaning. Specifically, they knew the term did not refer to citizens of a state. Once-upon-a-time an American could have been a citizen of a state without being a citizen of the nation. This political idiosyncrasy did not suit the Federalists who ingeniously manipulated the words and terms we are familiar with. It is a old trick that serves the cause of totalitarians everywhere.

…not only were the poly meanings of “United States” intentionally and expressly used within the Constitution, but often in ways as to actually invite confusion. For such brilliant men to explain three jurisdictional concepts would, on its face, pose a great mystery – Kenneth W. Royce (Hologram of Liberty)

When members of the police or military swear to serve, uphold and protect the Constitution and “United States,” they probably imagine their oath is sworn to the American people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are in fact swearing to give their labor, and possibly their lives, for the diabolical corporate executives of Washington D.C.

In short, the U.S. and the U.S.A., are not the same entity. The alleged “People” are not, therefore, free and sovereign members of a country, as they would have been under the Articles of Confederation drawn up after the War of Independence. No, they were and still are merely employees of a privately run corporation. They do not have rights, they have provisionally granted privileges. They have liberty, but do not have permanent and inviolable sovereignty or freedom.

The Constitution, as currently interpreted, now resembles what the Founding Lawyers truly desired in their aristocratic heart of hearts. Two centuries of history have lifted the veil from that picture of Dorian Gray, leaving us with the Hag of Hegemony – Kenneth W. Royce (Hologram of Liberty)

The State…both in its genesis and by its primary intention, is purely anti-social. It is not based on the
idea of natural rights, but on the idea that the individual has no rights except those that the State may provisionally grant him – Albert Jay Nock (Our Enemy: the State)

The duplicity served to strengthen Federal power. Because of the Constitution, the populace have been intentionally stripped of their sovereign rights. It is also because of this particular chicanery that Americans presently find themselves politically and economically undermined. The Federalist plan was nothing less than an act of war. It was the plan of agent provocateurs and fifth columnists. Only a very few authors have stated this in so many words. However, we are convinced that the early Federalists were ministers of the Crown. They accomplished with their pens what armed legions failed to do by open war.

We believe that after the Constitution was ratified, Americans became, in effect, subjects of an American-based aristocracy. Their boss, King George, did not resend his physical army to attack with force of arms. He and his advisers knew that America could be conquered and brought under their control by more subtle means:

The phrase “direct and immediate allegiance” is something right out of feudal law…Americans who became “U.S. citizens” have transposed themselves from one system into another fundamentally different from the first…Americans have unknowingly joined a modern feudal system in which they must render a percentage of their toil to their federal master – Kenneth W. Royce (Hologram of Liberty)

The non-federal state Citizenship became virtually unknown as millions of state Americans were tricked out of their sovereignty and into federal citizenship – and thus into federal jurisdiction. Today, the states have been all but replaced by corporate, federal overlays…There’s probably not enough left of the original states for Americans to resume state Citizenship – ibid

These facts show that the Constitution was not a progressive document. On the contrary, its cunning drafters concocted it knowing that it would help to usher in the kind of Merchant State system that flourished earlier in America, before the War of Independence, and shortly after the first settlers arrived, with their British systems of law. As Albert Jay Nock explains:

The fundamental fact to be observed in any survey of the American State’s initial development is the one whose importance was first remarked, I believe, by Mr. Beard; that the trading-company – the commercial corporation for colonization – was actually an autonomous State. “Like the State,” says Mr. Beard, “it had a constitution, a charter issued by the Crown…it had a territorial basis, a grant of land often greater in area than a score of European principalities…every essential element long afterward found in the government of the American State appeared in the chartered corporation that started English civilization in America” – (Our Enemy: the State)

Nock goes on to emphasize the connections between the “Old World” system of control and so-called “New World” system:

…the system of civil order established in America was the State-system of the “mother countries”…the only thing that distinguished it was that the exploited and dependent class was situated at an unusual distance from the owning and exploiting class. The headquarters of the autonomous State were on one side of the Atlantic, and its subjects on the other.

The elites of Britain and Europe knew that remote control was only feasible for a short time. They knew they had to have their agents on site in order for the engines of exploitation to work efficiently. Consequently, in 1628, during the reign of Charles I, the oligarchs established the Massachusetts Bay Company in America. Many of the Constitution’s most illustrious signers became wealthy from their memberships of corporations such as the Massachusetts Bay Company which overflowed with agents of the British Crown. Business the American way is, it seems, business the British way.

While it is not surprising that America’s Founding Fathers were mostly slave owners, a legal activity, it may be surprising to discover that they were often smugglers as well. Profits from drug running, smuggling, slave trading, and even piracy are directly responsible for the founding of several of the country’s most important banks, which are still in operation today. New England’s staunch insurance business was born and prospered through profits earned from insuring opium and slave ships. The large railroad system that was built throughout the continental United States in the nineteenth century was funded with profits from illegal drug smuggling. And one of the greatest opium fortunes would provide seed money for the telephone and communications industry – Steven Sora (Secret Societies of America’s Elite)

Source: The Constitution Con – michaeltsarion

As I’ve stated many times before, we have been lied to about every last little detail, when it comes to the founding/establishing of this government and country. The so called “Revolutionary War”, which was supposedly won by the thirteen colonies, was one more lie we were fed. “The Revolutionary War” was nothing more than an elongated skirmish, which ended with England being the true victor: King George the Third and his minions, which we ignorantly refer to as “the founding fathers”, were the only winners, while “we the people”, and the rest of humanity, would ultimately end up being the losers, the vanquished, we are today.

The government we are stuck with today, is no mistake, nor is it “broken”, this government is the end product of a covert plan for world domination that began some four centuries ago.

I will post more quotes from The Constitution Con in the near future.

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