“5-Year-Old Girl Dies in Modern Day ‘Concentration Camp’—Funded By the West”

The grave of a five-year-old girl who died on Lesbos © Zoie O’Brien / RT

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“The “civilized” have created the wretched, quite coldly and deliberately, and do not intend to change the status quo; are responsible for their slaughter and enslavement; rain down bombs on defenseless children whenever and wherever they decide that their “vital interests” are menaced, and think nothing of torturing a man to death; these people are not to be taken seriously when they speak of the “sanctity” of human life, or the conscience of civilized world.” – James Baldwin

I have read many articles claiming that the refugee crisis is a vital part of the globalists’ plan to destroy nationalism by breaking down the invisible boundaries referred to as borders. And I firmly believe these articles are correct.

But first and foremost, this refugee crisis is about human beings being driven out of their homelands by western imperialism/US hegemony: there would be no refugee crisis in the first place, if it weren’t for the globalists’ plan, which includes the numerous and continuing wars that the U.S. Corporation and NATO allies have been waging on the peoples of the middle east and Northern Africa.

Therefore, Europeans and Americans are solely responsible for the lives and care of these refugees, whether they like it or not. What has been happening in the middle east, is the genocidal-driven, heinous crime against humanity of all genocidal-driven, heinous crimes against humanity:

5-Year-Old Girl Dies in Modern Day ‘Concentration Camp’—Funded By the West

Politicians boasting about keeping ‘the refugees safe’ are actually sending them into horrifying prison camps where they are tortured and often die.

By The Free Thought Project – October 20, 2017

Greece — (RT) British aid money is propping up a European migrant camp routinely likened to a prison. In just one appalling example, a Syrian girl who survived war, smugglers and the Aegean Sea, died last week in a cold, damp tent in Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbos. She was five.

The girl, her parents and her five siblings had been offered a freezing tent in the squalid camp when they arrived in search of safety a week earlier.

Her body was discovered last Sunday by her father and pregnant mother, who just hours before were denied extra blankets to keep their daughter warm and given just paracetamol to treat her medical issues.

“I crawled inside and the blankets on the floor were wet, it was so cold and dirty and damp,” Daliah, a volunteer and former protection team employee who visited the family, told RT UK.

“Their daughter had just died and they were left there. They had nothing. No visit from a psychiatrist. The mother was silent. They were in shock and the children were saying ‘my sister died – she died just here.’

“There was a volunteer there in tears. He told me they just pulled her out like a dog and took her away. There was no dignity.”

Following her “unexplained” death, her tiny body was buried without an Islamic funeral and without her mother being present.

“She became nothing but a number – she didn’t even get her last respect,” Daliah said.

The child, whose parents did not wish to be identified, is yet another victim of the migration crisis Europe has mishandled and misjudged.

With grotesque irony, European Union ministers who advocate saving refugees from war zones enjoy worldwide praise for funding camps like these.

A young Syrian boy sits in the tent his five-year-old sister died in just hours earlier © RT

Two years after the likes of Angela Merkel were photographed smiling with Syrians in Europe, the camps are in turmoil.

Millions have been wasted – an estimated $70 of every $100 handed to Greece.
Migrants claim they are beaten, neglected and treated so badly they beg to be returned to war zones.

“In one month I am finished. I will end my life. I cannot take this,” Syrian Khalid Mohammed told RT UK.

The 20-year-old’s arms bear scars from where he has repeatedly slashed his skin open, while his legs carry shrapnel wounds from the war in Raqqa.

Families on Lesbos spend their days outside the camp to avoid the horror within © Zoie O’Brien / RT

Khalid has been stranded on Lesbos for more than a year while he waits to join his family.

“There is water but you have to be in the line at 8am to get it; if you are not in the line you don’t get it,” he said.

“The food is very bad, there is no soap and no shampoo.

“I cannot get a decision for asylum because I am not underage – but I am not an adult.”

Oatha Yosef and daughter Almera outside Moria Camp © Zoie O’Brien / RT

Families spend their days outside the camp, giving their young ones a break from the horror, as politicians are re-elected on the strength of their bogus benevolence.

Barbed wire fences stop the public getting in and seeing where huge sums are squandered. The filthy tent city built to house 3,000 contains an estimated 4,000 people.

Children sleep near men with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who shout and scream and suffer night terrors. Mental illness goes untreated, as well as physical wounds, as volunteer doctors are stretched beyond their limits.

Syrians cannot be returned, and Iraqi and Afghan migrants are also unlikely to face deportation.

Host nations have taken in so many they are slow to take more. Certain nations like Hungary, Poland and Austria have outright refused to share the burden; scared of a right wing revolt, the EU will not force them to do so.

Barkat Sharaf Yosef, 30, travelled from Sinjar to Europe after Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants slaughtered Yazidis in the mountainous region. Taking his wife Oatha, 34, and their four children, he fled through Turkey.

Their daughter Rola, 9, suffered a broken wrist after falling over a tent wire. Her siblings Naza, 7, Foad, 6, and Amera, 1, are all crammed into a tent with other families.

“They are just living on the ground,” their translator said.

Men show scars of suicide attempts © Zoie O’Brien / RT

“They have five families in a small tent. It is dangerous and the girls are very scared. This is not the place to raise children.”

Mahmood, 22, grew up in Iraq – yet he has experienced brutality in Greece over one year two months.

“There was a peaceful sit-in for refugees to speed up the asylum process,” he said.

“The police assaulted the refugees, beat them with tear gas, arrested them and they went to prison in Athens.

“It is hell.”

About €1.3 billion ($1.5bn) worth of support has been pledged to Greece until 2020 from the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the International Security Fund (ISF).

A further €700 million has been pledged through the Emergency Support Instrument.

Britain contributed £13 billion ($17bn), £250 million per week, to the EU budget in 2015 and 2016.

Approached by RT UK, Britain’s Department for International Development (DfID) didn’t seem to know how much of this money is actually reaching the Moria camp.

Panagiotii Koustantonis, a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) social worker, told RT UK many migrants are waiting up to six months to see a doctor.

Medical staff on the island have seen horrors, including a man with a bullet lodged in his face who could not get surgery, and women recently raped with no access to healthcare.

“We are treating extremely vulnerable people,” Liza Papadimitriou, MSF Humanitarian Affairs Officer said.

Panagiotii Koustantonis © Zoie O’Brien / RT

“Victims of torture and violence, serious non-communicable diseases, unaccompanied minors. There is one psychiatrist in the hospital on the island, and this is the biggest challenge for severe mental health patients. Basically it is a complete mess.”

Papadimitriou said there is a total lack of transparency over how many migrants are on the island – and how many are inside Moria – as new arrivals land every week.

The EU aid department, Echo, has given UNHCR more than €14 million since April to prepare camps for the winter.

The 5-year-old Syrian girl won’t be the last to die in Moria before spring.

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Source: 5-Year-Old Girl Dies in Modern Day ‘Concentration Camp’—Funded By the West

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  1. It’s sad, but I stand by what I said ever since 9-11. Stay the hell out of the middle east! No more wars! Now we see the result of US and Western meddling. Funny. When Bush was in office, democrat supporters were all antiwar. The moment a black Democrat became president, they all sang a different tune. While only a few of us Americans, whatever our political leanings may be, have remained staunchly antiwar from day one! I’m sick of it! Sick of hearing about it. Sick of refugees flooding our homelands. Sick of psychopaths in government slaughtering innocent people and forcing them to flee from their homelands. The only solution is to force these governments to cease all military operations. Even better, take them all down altogether, for they have proven through their actions to be incompetent at the best of times, and genocidal at the worst. Where does it end? When the US and its allies are done pillaging the middle east, north Africa, what next? North Korea, south and central america? And after that, does it just keep going until the whole world burns?

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  2. Jessica, it is as if I wrote this response!

    You and I see it the same way, and like you, I am sick to death of it, as well!

    Something DRASTIC needs to be done to put an end to this age old curse of the inbred, insane few ruling over the many.

    And yes, unless something changes, it will just keep going until these psychopaths rule what is left of the entire planet: globalization/NWO.

    Thank you for your comment!

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  3. Thank you, Jessica! Kind words indeed.

    I struggle and fall with these issues, too. I guess this is another reason why I continue to blog, so I can help wake people up the way others helped me, over the years.

    In fact, I am still in the process of waking up!

    BTW, I almost commented on your post yesterday. As a composer/arranger, I can empathize with your not wanting to take on the task of writing the hard stuff. It’s part of being a creative, imaginative person. As wonderful as composing can be, there were days, when I was fully involved, when I did not want to sit down and do it, even though the creative juices were flowing.

    So I can empathize with where you were yesterday!

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