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That’s strange, I seem to remember blacks taking credit for the so called civilization we exist in today? I seem to remember hearing many black historians stating, over the last half century, “If not for the ancient Egyptians, there would be no western brand of civilization today!” So, if these black historians were correct, isn’t CIVILIZATION A BLACK MALE CONSTRUCT, instead of “A White Male Construct”?

Would the politically-correct neoliberals please speak out of only one of their two faces at a time?! Please take some time and make up your ‘minds’, or in other words: SAY WHAT YOU MEAN! MEAN WHAT YOU SAY! And please, stop all of this whiny-ass BULLSHITTING!

The elite-swine divide and conquer tactic is winning the war against humanity! And all of us, no matter our color, race, or gender, will be the losers in the end. Of course, I know I am wasting my breath here, since revenge/retribution is evidently more important to some people than the survival of humanity and the planet:

Civilization Declared “A White Male Construct”

October 27, 2017

Paul Craig Roberts

A number of readers have turned out to be excellent research assistants. In response to my articles, “The American Left: RIP,” and the two follow-ups, “The Absurdities Mount” and “Goodbye Western Civilization,” readers have supplied the following.

A white male professor of philosophy has discovered that in order to have an academic career in these days he must find “white privilege” everywhere. Professor John Caputo, according to this report,, has found white male privilege in reason itself.

Reason, says Professor Caputo, “is a white male Euro-Christian construction.” Since reason is white, reason is not neutral. It implies that what is not white is not rational. “So white is philosophically relevant and needs to be philosophically critiqued.”

Professor Caputo ties into University of California professor Sara Giordano who defines science as a “colonial and racialized form of power” that “must be replaced with an anti-science, antiracist, feminist approach to knowledge production.”

I can’t say that this would be all bad. This way we wouldn’t have nuclear weapons and the frustrating digital age. But before I vote for it, I want to know what feminist science is. I have a disturbing feeling that it brings with it the genocide of the white heterosexual male. After all, if white heterosexual males are responsible for all the evil and ills of the world, how can we tolerate their existence?

The University of Oregon’s Jewish president was prevented by students from giving an university address this month about free speech. Free speech, declared the student protesters, perpetuates “fascism and white supremacy.”

Journalists seem to agree with the Oregon students. The European Federation of Journalists is leading a “Media against Hate” campaign against hate speech and stereotyping of illegal immigrants. In other words, any European who protests his/her country being overrun by foreign invaders must be shut up. The scenario in The Camp of the Saints is now happening before our eyes.

A British university has blocked a professor’s study of those who regret their transgender operation because it is politically incorrect and could damage the university’s reputation. The study, the university said, would be “transphobic.”

Police in England looking for the suspects who in a fist fight between feminist and transgender activists beat up a 60 year old woman refuse to assign a gender to the suspects for which they are searching, as it would be politically incorrect. “We have to be very careful,” said the Scotland Yard spokesman.

White males have no political correctness protection. The University of Cambridge can freely advertise university appointments and specify “females only” need apply. Can you imagine a university appointment advertisement that says it is for males only?

Now even Halloween is under attack. A Massachusetts elementary school has banned Halloween for not being “inclusive enough.” Instead the school will let the kids celebrate “black and orange day.”

If you permit your daughter a Halloween costume such as Disney’s Moana, you are encouraging your daughter’s “white privilege.” If you allow her to costume as Cinderella, you are reinforcing sexism.

Now we have the transgendered in kindergarten.

Do you think a country as screwed up and divided as the United States is capable of standing up to Russia, China, and Iran? If not, what insanity is causing Washington to provoke these capable, determined and united countries?

Considering the economic, political, and cultural demise of the United States, how much longer do you think there will be a liveable life here?

The failure of America, indeed of Western civilization, seems to be total. How much longer can it last?

A reader’s comment on Universities: “Universities have become a place of UN-learning, where you unlearn culture, unlearn values like free speech, unlearn science and math, unlearn truth and thinking, unlearn objective truths like differences between males and females, etc. It seems the only thing taught now is hate, and you pay exorbitant sums of money to learn to hate.”

Addition to the list:

Identity Politics Is Now Assaulting the French Language

The French Academy serves as custodian of the French language. The academy says that the gender-neutral pronouns of “inclusive language” are a deadly danger to the French language.

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  1. Face palm! I can’t even begin to give my thoughts, or I will embark on an endless tirade!
    You know what? Maybe this progressive extremism is really all just about provoking the sane, rational members of society into a violent uprising against all the madness. Perhaps to give tptb the pretext for martial law, total erosion of all rights, and the start of totalitarian rule. Since sane people have been so resilient in resisting the temptation to revolt violently, the lunatics have to continuously up their game. I mean, at this point, the sky is the limit to the possible motives behind all this. So frustrated!

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  2. You and I both, Jessica!

    You have expressed here, what I have believed to be true for quite a while now. Soros and the like have been trying to start a race war for a decade or better now., which would give the excuse needed for martial law and the furthering of this police/totalitarian state.

    It’s divide and conquer/rule!

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  3. It’s all just academic prattle to avoid talking about the obvious: it’s the capitalism, stupid! Why is this so fucking hard? I mean I get that Roberts is still a cheerleader for capital, but even he sees the fruitlessness of these post-modernist debates. You might as well be arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. And who gives a fuck about saving American civilization?

    “Considering the economic, political, and cultural demise of the United States, how much longer do you think there will be a liveable life here?”

    Oh, yeah. Just ask the Indigenous populations and the slaves of yesterday and the poor and the incarcerated of today just how fucking liveable life in Amerika has ever been. It was liveable for some, unbelievably sumptuous and decadent for an even smaller minority of filthy rich bastards and cunts, but hell on fucking earth for most, not to mention the millions upon millions pillaged and murdered around the world by the good old U.S. of fucking A. from the time of its inception onward, and still the genocides continue. Fuck your civilization and your weeping over it, Paul.

    Here’s a little tune to help distract you from your pain, Paul:

    (Just having fun, Dave. giving free rein to my anti-Americanism. I love the people. But I hate the civilization. Two things we have in common, eh.)

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  4. “Good bye, American woman! Goodbye, American shit!” They never let it finish to the end. I had that album many, many years ago! And it still plucks the strings of my calloused heart!

    Absolutely, Norm. In fact, I keep saying to friends, hate is not the right word to describe how I feel about this piece of shit empire from hell! In fact, so far, I can’t really express my true loathing, my contempt, for this hell on earth, and it’s frustrating, very!

    On the subject of Roberts, a few years ago, I wouldn’t post anything written by him, for your points above. But I sense Roberts is more in line with how I feel now. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. He sounds more and more like me, when I write on a post.

    I am sick to death of the “victim” bullshit in this country (every asshole is a victim, except straight white males), since the poorest black in America is filthy rich in comparison to the middle eastern people whom many of these same ‘victimized’ black Americans have signed up to go rape, pillage, torture, detain, harass and mass murder, in order to make a few more bucks. And these ‘victimized’ pigs come back home, and do the same thing to their own people. These are the assholes, the ‘step-n-fetch-its’ who loved Obomber!

    I actually erased four paragraphs I wrote about this article, because I decided I just didn’t want to stoop to the level of “my fellow Amerikkkans”! Assholes to the left of me, warmongers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with these fucking snowflake-‘victim’ spoiled-brat jackasses!

    Putin, take me away, and with a, let’s say, 150 megaton ball breaker! That’s all I’m asking’!! Is this so god damn hard to get done, Vlad!;-)

    Thanks, Norm!

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