America: Home of the Not Too Bright, “I, Me and Mine” Moron!


Pardon me while I continue my yearly “Bah, Humbug” rant.

Every year, it is the same old shit! And then Mr and Ms America wonder why the rest of this world’s peoples look down their VASTLY SUPERIOR noses at them. I am ashamed and disgusted that I was unfortunate enough to be born in this pathetic joke, this hell-hole of a dying empire.

And wouldn’t you know, the following completely self-obsessed and obnoxious events occurred in the predominately hillbilly and black, bible-thumping south:

One Person Shot Outside Mall, Brawl Closes Alabama Shopping Center As Black Friday Gets Going


A day after giving thanks, it appears the gentle folk of Missouri and Alabama are more about taking this morning…

One person was shot outside a Missouri mall as swarms of shoppers looking for Black Friday deals saw chaos pop up throughout the country.

As ABC17 reports, a 19-year-old person sustained life-threatening injuries after the shooting in the parking lot of the mall.

Mall policy stipulates no firearms are allowed inside of the building, but it’s unclear if that applies to the parking lot as well.

Officers said they could not confirm whether the shooting was accidental or deliberate.

Additionally, NY Daily News reports another shopping center in Alabama saw an outbreak of violence Thursday, with brawls shutting down a late-night session early.

Police in Hoover, outside Birmingham, broke up fights at the Riverchase Galleria outside Birmingham, with reporting that one person was treated for injuries by paramedics.

Social media video that appeared to be from the scene showed officers restraining two women amid scattered clothes and displays, though no information about arrests was immediately available.


Both the malls were closed after these events, but are set to reopen at 6 a.m. on Friday.

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Source: One Person Shot Outside Mall, Brawl Closes Alabama Shopping Center As Black Friday Gets Going


Here is a bonus article to further turn your stomach:

Shootings, Brawls, Babies Injured as Americans Trample Each Other on Black Friday