“Why doesn’t Russia defend Syria against Israeli fighter jets?”

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Israel is a rogue borderless ‘entity’ living on land foreign imported immigrants stole from Palestinians using terrorism as the main method then waging horrific wars against its neighbors. Israelis couldn’t live a single day without complete funding from the USA, France, Germany and even from Russians…

Why doesn’t Russia defend Syria against Israeli fighter jets?

The image taken from social media shows the site of a reported Israeli strike in Masyaf, Hama Province, Syria, September 7, 2017.

ArabiSouri on steemit:

This was a question asked on Quora and some had different answers, many talking in favor of #Israel with a lot of wishful thinking for the #Zionist apartheid Israel. Here’s my reply which covers some of the reasons.

Israel is a rogue borderless ‘entity’ living on land foreign imported immigrants stole from Palestinians using terrorism as the main method then waging horrific wars against its neighbors. Israelis couldn’t live a single day without complete funding from the USA, France, Germany and even from Russians but through a different way. US Aid to Israel – Try not to be shocked!

Here’s how the Political Zionism movement took control of all the Western countries: Political Zionism in the United States of America – Astounding Facts!

About 1 million Russians, many of them Jews, migrated to occupied Palestine aka Israel. They are a main source of income and trade and a profound system for money laundering, a much needed method to get investments move worldwide. Don’t take my words for it, just search online for the top criminal organizations in the world and it has to lead you to Israel.

Why Russia doesn’t stop Israeli planes? There are several reasons:

* Putin trying to engage Israel positively to be able to keep the 1 million unwanted Russian citizens in there and thus doesn’t like to see a major war in the region.

* When Hezbollah threatened to retaliate by targeting offshore oil fields against Israeli bombing of bridges, hospitals and schools, even schools under the UN during the latest 2 aggressions on Lebanon, western oil companies running the business in ‘Israel’ ran away and Russian companies came in to run these offshore gas and oil fields. Again, another reason he wouldn’t like a regional war that would destroy his investments there.

* Israel is in reality the face of NATO on the ground, engaging directly in a conflict with it means a war with the whole NATO plus whatever Israel has. That’s one main reason why Syria couldn’t attack back at will, but eventually will do.

* Israel now unveiled the enormous financial support it was getting from its peers in the region mainly Al Saudi and Qatar. All run by the same British created cults: Wahhabism = Zionism, just like what ISIS was created to do. So fighting back Israel means a war with these filthy rich regimes who control the outflow of oil and gas in the world, and can harm Russia by increasing their production to lower the prices of these main commodities, Russia’s main exports.

However, if Israel crosses the red line and attacks directly strategic Syrian bases, then Russia couldn’t do much to stop Syria and its allies to retaliate, and it would be doomsday. That’s why we see Israel attacking in a hit and run style and only targeting low level targets mainly storage houses said to have weapons headed to Hezbollah, as they claim.

If you might have noticed, if you do follow the Syrian crisis closely, only 2 units of the Syrian Arab Army are chasing terrorists all over the country: The 4th Mechanical Division of the Republican Guards and the Tiger Forces from the Special Forces Units. All of the SAA is being spared to defend the country from sudden invasion or aggression from the south or north. This also explains the loud voices of 80 plus countries including the USA and UK, without actually doing anything near what they did with Iraq or Libya or elsewhere.

Don’t hold your breath long, the latest Saudi stunt by kidnapping the Lebanese prime minister and forcing him to resign Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Resigns his Post from Saudi from Riyadh on a Saudi TV channel was only to set the stage for the most awaited regional war: Saudi Puppet Hariri’s Resignation to Fuel War in Syria and Beyond.

It is always better to wait until your enemies are tired while you strengthen your position before going to war directly. Better always to choose the time of war not to retaliate at the time convenient to your enemy. #Syria works like that, which is better to stage a regional war: when Syria was invaded by over 350,000 anti-Islamic Wahhabi Suicide terrorists taking much of the land and stealing and controlling huge resources or when you clean the country from this filth?

Better for Russia to face-off all of #NATO plus Israel plus the Gulfies or wait until the dollar loses more of its value with more countries starting to trade in bilateral currencies (currencies of the two countries) bypassing the US dollar. While also waiting for these same actors on the US side to be worn out in conflicts worldwide they ignited.

Check this for a further insight on what’s awaiting Israel: Israel’s Next War with Hezbollah will be Against a Whole Axis

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Source: Why doesn’t Russia defend Syria against Israeli fighter jets?

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  1. I have read an article in Russian, and in it there were the knowledges about Russian jewish who settled in Israel. I am quoting some parts of the article by translating, that will be very intresting details into it for you.

    According to article my earthling friend, “a million Russian Jews who immigrated to Israel in the 1990s remained without pensions, as it was connected with the events in Ukraine. The jews of the USSR were driven to Israel in the very beginning of the 1990s, the jewish agency, with the assistance of the Government of Israel. The percentage of Russian speaking citizens of the country is about 17% of the country’s population in todays.”

    And the author is saying that, “the Russian jewish who were brought to the Israel are not in good state in Israel.” Author is mentinoning that “there is a caste system in Israeli and it has got seven level. Russian jewish are in the 5th level, there are Ethiopians and Arabs at 6th level and 7th level in this caste. But interesting thing is at the same time, unlike Russian jewish in Israel, Ethiopians and Arabs use the additional social and economic benefits. Only little percentage of Russian jewish managed to settle well without the help of the state. The older generation of many have already died. Young people in their majority were able to integrate into Israeli society, but at the same time the highest percentage of drug addicts and alcoholics among young people and in percentage and in quantity in the Russian speaking environment. The largest stratum is about 400,000 people, middle-aged people who came to Israel at the age of 35-55 years. They found a simple, low or medium-paid job. Many of them were able to get a mortgage and buy their homes. In principle, many lived and live still today not bad, and by Russian standards it’s even good, but all this “while” means that if they still work and receive a salary.

    The fact is that the vast majority of these people are waiting for a beggarly pension. In the early 90’s with the beginning of mass immigration of Soviet Jews to Israel, the Jewish government passed a law on funded private pension. As a result, the bulk of hired workers were left without pensions, and since the contributions were optional, employers did not pay their many employees. Also, no one explained to the Russians how the Jewish pension system works and as a result of this ignorance, many made mistakes with their existing pension contributions. In addition, the pension funds themselves and the fearsome people were well off on hundreds of thousands of naive scoops, they were stripped of the maximum commission and took up to a third of the already penny-penny pensions.”

    Author is adding “I personally witnessed how one of the famous deputies after meeting with our old people, called them “ungrateful beggars”.

    “In 2011, during a wave of social protests, the purpose of which was to improve the quality of life of ordinary citizens and, in the first place, the weakest segments of the population among which there are a lot of Russian speaking especially elderly people. As a result of another betrayal, the Russian speaking community of Israel was again thrown to the mercy of survival itself in an aggressive capitalist environment. Such an attitude should not be surprised, the well-known fact that when the Jews of the USSR were burned in concentration camps, the US Jews danced and ate balls with champagne at balls. But after the war, all reparations from Germany went into the pockets of American Jews. The project of the destruction of European Jewry was offered to Hitler by American Zionists. It was the American Jews who received most of the reparations from Germany.”

    The author continues by comparing the others and Russian Jewish’s pensions in Israel occasionally following that:

    “After all, at 770 dollars(Russian jewish pension) a month in Israel you can not live, and in Ukraine you can live on such money, especially if you live not in Kiev, but somewhere in Odessa or Kherson. But for this, it is desirable to cleanse the Slav population of these cities. Israeli contractors before the beginning of the ATU have already divided the cities and districts, which they will then rebuild, intended for the mass resettlement of Russian Jews from Israel. Ukraine today is the main supplier of human organs for transplantation to Israel, here from all over the world and, first of all, wealthy Jews, buyers of organs come from the USA.”

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  2. Thank you, my friend, for this added information. I was not familiar with this part of the story.

    These Jews are referred to as “the lesser brethren”, by the Zionists in Israel and elsewhere around the world.

    It was these “lesser brethren” Jews who were sacrificed in world war two, in order to secure the state of Israel. Or in other words, Hitler was placed into power by the Zionist banking and industry cartel/cabal in the US and Europe: the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and other such vermin.

    Thanks again!

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  3. The last part of the article was especially striking for me too. If the author claims are true;

    The Jews brought from Russia to Israel were kind of exiled at the beginning of the 1990s, because with claims they were involved in the events at Ukraine.

    And a good life has not been given to Russian jewish in Israel. Those into these Russian jewish who will not be satisfied due to the result of settling in Israel, it seems, have already been planned that they will be brought to Ukraine by rich jews at west. It seems that the standards of life of the Russian Jews in Israel were left conscious at the level of poverty, especially in order to be exposed to such a force for last 30 years; eventually, they were going to sell their organs. And, as if, it is already within the plan that Russian jewish organs are given in Ukraine to rich, as if they will be harvested for the richer western jews especially for the American jews.

    It’s terrible, my earthling friend!

    Maybe, if these claims are true, maybe we need to open a new window on Ukraine events in todays by adding a new angle.

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  4. It is terrible, my friend!

    Think of it, if all of what I have read and you have read is true, then the Zionists have used their own people as sacrificial goats in order to set up the rogue state of Israel and rule the world.

    Yes, I agree, the Ukraine has slipped into the background, and so maybe this angle does need to be brought out.

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  5. Definitely!

    In high percent, Zionists don’t think that the Russian jews are their own people. Don’t you think? As the author mentioned in the middle lines of the article, “Such an attitude should not be surprised, the well-known fact that when the Jews of the USSR were burned in concentration camps, the US Jews danced and ate balls with champagne at balls. But after the war, all reparations from Germany went into the pockets of American Jews.”

    At the parts of I have not quoted, author was also saying that: “Therefore, recently in Israel began to import from Ukraine also blood plasma.”

    It seems that not limited only with human organs, including every thing about human health into it.

    Probably, the background of the events at Ukraine that could be another things next to the conflit between west and east geopolitic interests. And I am not surprised if these claims are true and there is Zionists at background.

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  6. Ships carrying Jews (“the lesser brethren”) were turned away from American shores, and sent back to die in concentration camps.

    Zionists are occult/devil worshipers, they do not hold to the Jewish faith in anyway. The Pentateuch is not the Zionist’s bible, the Talmud is.

    And the Talmud speaks of Zionists being the only “chosen”, while the rest of us, the “goyim”, are here to serve them.

    The religion sickness never seems to end, my friend. And now the Zionists have turned science into a religion that serves only them and their purposes. This is why legitimate scientists are silenced and even murdered.

    Religion and the statism it has spawned are a curse on humanity and the planet!

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  7. A world without all monotheistic religions would be a world where almost half of the problems of humans (even of animals too) were solved. But as you know, unfortunately this will never happen, my earthling friend.

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