David Rockefeller Passes the Eugenics Torch to Bill Gates | Truthstream Media (2 minute video)

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I have been hearing this overpopulation narrative/myth since I was in my teens (more than a half century). The entire human population on planet earth, at this very moment, could live in the western portion of the United States, and with room and resources to spare. I have been in thirty-nine of the fifty states, and I lived in four of them. And beyond the major cities, you can go for miles and miles without seeing anything more than a few farmhouses. And by the time you reach the great plains, there is nothing but millions upon millions of square miles of nothing but very flat, farm land. And the same could be said of most other large countries in the world today.

The world is not overpopulated, as these faux-science, eugenics-driven creatures continuously claim/pander. The real problem on planet earth is the inbred elite-swine minority, who are obsessed with ruling the entire planet. And to this end, these psychopaths, throughout the ages, have herded the largest portion of humanity into monstrosities known as cities/’major urban centers’, where ‘the masses’ are piled on top of each other like rats in a trap. In this way, the elite-swine creatures have convinced many of us that the earth is truly overpopulated, and that we the individuals are a curse on the planet and ourselves, when in reality, it is these elite-swine who are the curse on the planet and us. Add to this massive lie, the massive lie that there are not enough natural resources to go around, by creating artificial scarcity everywhere, and you can see why eugenics is still alive and well today.

As I stated above, a large portion of the earth is, for all intents and purposes, uninhabited and owned by these psychopaths; this government’s owned and operated Federal Parks are just one example. There is plenty of land and resources for all of humanity, but this tiny minority of inbred creatures have illegally seized the land (enclosure) and horded its resources for themselves and their offspring:

David Rockefeller Passes the Eugenics Torch to Bill Gates

Sep 14, 2016 Melissa Dykes

Yet another movie scene that probably happened in real life…

Source: David Rockefeller Passes the Eugenics Torch to Bill Gates | Truthstream Media

3 thoughts on “David Rockefeller Passes the Eugenics Torch to Bill Gates | Truthstream Media (2 minute video)

  1. Drew a fine line between maintaining enough order and balance to preserve the world we need for our survival, and well, hoarding it all up for a few and telling everyone else they should stop reproducing and die. And these a holes have crossed it a long time ago.

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  2. Yes they have!

    You and I didn’t create this world system that is destroying humanity and the rest of the planet, the system we are stuck with, nor did our parents or grandparents. And yet, it is you and I and our ancestors who are blamed for all of this hell, all of this raping and pillaging of nature and humanity.


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