Vaccines: My Personal Experience

“The Land of the Free?”

{This is a repost from over three years ago. I am still suffering from chronic sinusitis to this day, and simply because my former ‘doctor’ needed to make a buck off of pandering Pig Pharma vaccines. I encourage the elderly and parents, in particular, to read this, since it may save you, your children and family from a great deal of illness and misery.}


Before I tell you about my experiences with vaccines, I want to start with the following article, which should open some eyes and minds, especially those of American parents, to the risks involved in being “vaccinated:”

History proves vaccines are quite safe—really?

Jon Rappoport
Activist Post

In 1987, when I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., I decided to look into vaccines as a cause of immune-system suppression.

I had never dug below the surface of that subject before.

Of course, the authorities and experts have been forever telling people how effective and safe vaccines are. They issue their remarks with great assurance.

Here are just a few of my findings, from 1987. They paint a different historical record.

“Smallpox, like typhus, has been dying out (in England) since 1780. Vaccination in this country has largely fallen into disuse since people began to realize how its value was discredited by the great smallpox epidemic of 1871-2 (which occurred after extensive vaccination).” W. Scott Webb, A Century of Vaccination, Swan Sonnenschein, 1898.

“… Barker and Pichichero, in a prospective study of 1232 children in Denver, Colorado, found after DTP [diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis vaccine], that only 7% of those vaccinated were free from untoward reactions, which included pyrexia (53%), acute behavioral changes (82%), prolonged screaming (13%), and listlessness, anorexia and vomiting. 71% of those receiving second injections of DTP experienced two or more of the reactions monitored.” Lancet, May 28, 1983, p. 1217

“Publications by the World Health Organization show that diphtheria is steadily declining in most European countries, including those in which there has been no immunization. The decline began long before vaccination was developed. There is certainly no guarantee that vaccination will protect a child against the disease; in fact, over 30,000 cases of diphtheria have been recorded in the United Kingdom in fully immunized children.” Leon Chaitow, Vaccination and Immunization, CW Daniel Company, Ltd., p. 58.

“… the swine-flu vaccination program was one of its (CDC) greatest blunders. It all began in 1976 when CDC scientists saw that a virus involved in a flu attack outbreak at Fort Dix, N.J., was similar to the swine-flu virus that killed 500,000 Americans in 1918. Health officials immediately launched a 100-million dollar program to immunize every American. But the expected epidemic never materialized, and the vaccine led to partial paralysis in 532 people. There were 32 deaths.” U.S. News and World Report, Joseph Carey, October 14, 1985, p. 70, “How Medical Sleuths Track Killer Diseases.”

“At a press conference in Washington on 24 July, 1942, the Secretary of War reported that 28,585 cases of jaundice had been observed in the (American) Army between 1 January and 4 July after yellow fever vaccination, and of these 62 proved fatal.” Sir Graham Wilson, Hazards of Immunization, Athone Press, University of London, 1967…

…“So far it is hardly possible to gain insight into the extent of the immunization catastrophe of 1955 in the United States. It may be considered certain that the officially ascertained 200 cases (of polio) which were caused directly or indirectly by the (polio) vaccination constitute minimum figures… It can hardly be estimated how many of the 1359 (polio) cases among vaccinated persons must be regarded as failures of the vaccine and how many of them were infected by the vaccine…

…“Suffice it to say that most of the large (polio) epidemics that have occurred in this country since the introduction of the Salk vaccine have followed the wide-scale use of the vaccine and have been characterized by an uncommon early seasonal onset. To name a few, there is the Massachusetts epidemic of 1955; the Chicago epidemic of 1956; and the Des Moines epidemic of 1959.” Dr. Herbert Ratner, Child and Family, 1980 vol. 19, no. 4.

“Administration of KMV (killed measles vaccine) apparently set in motion an aberrant immunologic response that not only failed to protect children against natural measles, but resulted in heightened susceptibility.” JAMA Aug. 22, 1980, vol. 244, p. 804, Vincent Fulginiti and Ray Helfer… (emphasis added)

Read More Here:

via Activist Post: History proves vaccines are quite safe—really?.

The Enemy!

Up until last year, it had been well over twenty years since I had received a vaccination for anything. During these years, I had contracted colds and even a case of bronchitis here and there; but I am an asthmatic, and so I have a low resistance to bronchial infections. But during these years, I had not suffered one case of “the flu,” nor had I been sick, from any kind of infection, for more than a few days at a time.

I had stopped taking flu vaccinations, because they had made me sick. And by sick I mean laid up with the flu and then sinusitis, which always hung on for weeks and ultimately lead to a bad case of bronchitis, which always destabilized my asthma for weeks at a time. I had decided, if I was going to get sick with the vaccine, I would take my chances without it, and it paid off for the next two decades plus!

So last November, I scheduled an appointment with my primary-care doctor, who, by the way, is completely worthless as a physician. I only go to see him once a year, to get blood tests done. He spends about five minutes with me and doesn’t even ask me how I am. I have never seen the man for more than ten minutes, and that is a fact.

{If you’re wondering why I don’t change doctors, it is difficult for older folks on social security (I am 65) to find doctors that want to deal with Medicare/Medicaid, thanks to Obama. So when you find one, you are reluctant to give them up, no matter how incompetent they are.}

I have an allergist doctor and orthopedic doctor I see on a regular basis, both of whom are wonderful. Anyway, my primary-care doctor, for the fist time, began insisting I take the flu vaccine. I argued that I didn’t want or need it, but he was more than insistent, so I finally gave in. But when the nurse came in to the room to administer the vaccine, she had two syringes. So I asked her what the second syringe was for, and she said, “Doctor wants you to have the pneumonia vaccine also.” I should have gotten up and walked out of the office, right then and there, but I didn’t. And I have been paying the consequences for that decision ever since then. I have also found out, since that day, that the pneumonia vaccine should never be administered at the same time as the flu vaccine, especially in older patients. It seems that the two vaccines together can be rather treacherous for the elderly and those with immunity issues. Tell me about it!

It will be one year in a month, since I had those two injected vials of poison forced on me, and I have been sick ever since: first, with the flu, which lasted almost three weeks, and then, as usual, with a severe case of sinusitis, which I am still dealing with eleven months later, and bronchitis, which destabilized my asthma for almost eight months. From January until August, I didn’t have a good nights rest: most nights I would sleep for an hour or so and then awaken so congested, in my sinuses and bronchial tubes, that I could hardly breathe, so sleep was not a possibility. And all of this was going on while my allergist was desperately trying to get me stabilized again.

On a side note, I complained about the vaccines to my allergist, a few months into this ordeal, and gave him the history I have given you, and he told me, “Oh no, the vaccinations didn’t make you sick! You might have been worse than this, if you hadn’t taken them!” He is a good doctor, but he is also, like all the rest, owned, lock, stock and barrel, by the AMA and Big Pharma.

As I write this, I am sick with sinusitis and an inner ear infection, which is in the fourth week now, and I have been on antibiotics for over three weeks. I have been ill since the middle of last November (2013), with one ailment after another. I have never been sick like this, for this long, in my life!

I have told friends, just recently, that if I die, my primary-care “doctor,” the AMA and Big Pharma will have murdered me. And I am not joking. At my age, being sick this long has taken a toll on the rest of my health as well, mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. There are days when I have no energy left to do anything but sit or lay, and then I feel claustrophobic and depressed.

I do feel like I have been targeted by an evil entity that wants me dead.

So, I implore all of you, especially those of you with children, to investigate, thoroughly, vaccinations of any kind, before you take them or allow your children to take them. If the school system demands vaccinations be taken, then home-school your children. No government has the right to tell a parent what they must do or not do with their children.

And I would also caution those my age and older to think twice before being coerced into taking vaccines of any kind, whether it be the flu, shingles or any other variety.

I hope this post may prevent others from going through my experience!