“Big Guns Destroy U.S. Schools”

While I agree with the author of the following article, that this rogue government spends the largest percentage of working-poor Americans’ tax dollars on waging continual war around the world, I vehemently disagree with her conclusion that Americans need more of their stolen tax dollars spent on public education.

This is the same old narrative that is always coming from the mind-fucking/propaganda-pandering left: “MORE MONEY FOR EDUCATION!” And yet, the more money that is spent on ‘education’, the more dumbed-down and fucked-up our children are. Public ‘education’, in this “shithole”, has always been a scam, a mind-fuck: we have raised up generation after generation of public-school students who have been even more dumbed-down and incompetent than the generation before; a government concocted curse, passed down from one generation to the next. And yet, most of what we hear coming from the left, in particular, is “more money for education”.

American parents might as well take what’s left of their last few dollars and throw them away in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, as spend them on this completely fucked-beyond-all-recognition ‘education’ system.

American “Big Guns” are destroying humanity and the planet, not public ‘education’; one cannot destroy what was destroyed from its beginning. There should be major tax cuts for parents who take the full responsibility for their children’s education, by homeschooling them. Of course, the lefties and the government hate homeschooling, since these particular children cannot be as easily mind-fucked by this criminal political/economic system: homeschooled children learn to think for themselves, they learn to be creative and imaginative, they learn that being a mindless member of the vast madding herd is no way to live. And this truly excellent educational outcome, of course, is anathema, a great threat to the elite-swine, and their stooges, who own and operate this Anglo-Zionist Empire:

Big Guns Destroy U.S. Schools

By Sara Flounders
Global Research, April 02, 2018

Bigger guns are destroying children’s lives in U.S. schools than the AR-15 used in the heinous Florida school murders.

Schools across the country are facing untenable choices of what programs to slash and how many teachers to cut, with an impact that puts millions of young lives and futures at risk.

These cuts in essential programs are because each year the U.S. military budget is relentlessly increased by 10 percent. Some of this increase is hidden in cost overruns and military “supplements” for ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

In order to “balance the federal budget,” annual 5 percent cuts are ordered, on average, to “discretionary spending” in federal agencies and also to state and city programs.

Federal funding makes up an average of 31 percent of state budgets in 2018. Even where local tax increases or bonds attempt to fill the budget gap, this increased revenue is not enough to make up for cuts in state funding, due to federal cuts.

On a national level, state education funding per student is lower in 2018 than in 2008. Education workers’ job benefits such as health care premiums and pensions are cut, or increased costs are demanded from these already underpaid city and state workers.

But worse cuts are on the way.

Trump’s 2018 budget plans to increase military spending by $54 billion and cut nonmilitary programs by the same amount. The latest budget will dismantle numerous programs in health care, nutrition, affordable housing, the environment, science, the few remaining poverty programs, transportation and infrastructure projects that will affect the quality of life of millions upon millions of working and oppressed people.

Children’s education and health programs face the deepest cuts.

U.S. military expenditures are already larger than that of the rest of the world combined, and U.S. weapons could incinerate the world many times over. To continue to expand this military, there is no essential program that the U.S. capitalist class is not willing to loot and destroy.

In order to justify this enormous theft of the peoples’ resources, the U.S. ruling class must create endless political crisis and military confrontations on an ever-more-dangerous scale. The resulting militarism permeates society with the poison of both random and calculated violence.

Meanwhile, profits are constantly increasing to the military corporations, private contractors, secret spy agencies, cyber warfare units and maintenance of more than 1,000 foreign military bases. Billions that could go to education are poured into research and development of new weapons systems.

Local police forces are armed with U.S. military equipment and tanks, and their training is coordinated with the military. This gives the cops, the local repressive arm of capitalist society, far more leverage in its ongoing war on communities of color throughout the U.S. These are the same cops patrolling the hallways of public schools, which have been turned into school-to-prison pipelines.

End gun violence in the schools!

Money for education, not for war and militarization!


This article was originally published on Workers World.

Flounders is a co-coordinator of the International Action Center, a leading anti-war and anti-imperialist organization based in the U.S. (iacenter.org)

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