“Israelis Gather by Gaza Border to Watch and Cheer as Military Uses Live Fire Against Palestinians”

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I don’t recall seeing photos of the German people sitting and cheering as the Nazis beat, tortured, starved and murdered the prisoners in the concentration camps. So I find it quite appalling that the very people who use ‘the holocaust’ as a continual crutch/defense could turn right around and act/respond like Nazi SS officers. This despicable act, needless to say, is extremely hypocritical, as well as racist, bigoted and anti-Semitic:

Israelis Gather by Gaza Border to Watch and Cheer as Military Uses Live Fire Against Palestinians

By Daily Sabah
Global Research, April 08, 2018
Daily Sabah 7 April 2018

A disturbing image of young Israelis sitting by the Gaza border, cheering and watching as bombs fall on Palestinians just a few miles away has evoked widespread condemnation as it circulated on social media.

In the photo, shared by Nir Dvori a reporter at Israeli Channel 2 television news on Friday, seven young Israeli adults are seen smiling and waving at the cameras as they sit on an observation tower in Nahal Oz, outside the fenced-off Gaza strip.

Many likened the scene to an “outdoor cinema,” calling it disgusting and barbaric to watch as the Israeli military uses live fire and excessive force against Palestinian protesters.

The scene is unfortunately not unfamiliar.

Back in 2014, some Israelis in the border town of Sderot were spotted drinking, cheering and posing for selfies or recording videos with their smartphones while black plumes of smoke rose from behind them across the border, with each bomb the Palestinian death toll mounting.

Nearly 500 Palestinians were injured, 33 seriously, by live fire and rubber bullets on Friday in the second mass border protest in a week, and many more suffered from tear gas inhalation. Meanwhile, at least nine Palestinians were killed, and 1,070 others were injured during clashes with Israeli forces, including five who are now in serious condition. A well-known Palestinian journalist was among the dead, Gaza officials said.

Twitter photo by @ndvori

The deaths brought to at least 31 the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire since last week.

The border rallies, which began last Friday, kicked off a six-week demonstration that will culminate on May 15. That day will mark the 70th anniversary of Israel’s establishment — an event Palestinians call the “Nakba” or “Catastrophe.”

Demonstrators are demanding that Palestinian refugees be granted the “right of return” to their towns and villages in historical Palestine from which they were driven in 1948 to make way for the new state of Israel.

Israel, for its part, has deployed thousands of troops along the fraught border with Gaza, vowing to use deadly force against anyone who threatens Israel’s “security infrastructure.”

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  1. I have been thinking about the Israeli situation in the context of Colin Turnbull’s ethnographic work, “The Mountain People.” He details to consequences of oppression on the souls of the Ik people in Ethiopia. Their suffering over the course of generations has left them unable to have any compassion for others. They seem to enjoy hurting others, especially those who are the most vulnerable.

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  2. The largest percentage of these Zionist are of Khazarian ancestry: Central European/Eurasian. Netanyahu even admits this. The Khazars were very much like the Zionists of today.

    What’s happening to these people is the curse of the Pentateuch and the Talmud. The Hebrew religion and its evolution.

    Some races of people only know hatred and violence, and love it. And it seems like this planet was made for them!

    Thanks, Carol! Your post today, really moved me, by the way. I found all the photos touching, but I was moved most by the tree. Methinks the tree and I have a great deal in common. Only the tree isn’t a nasty old fart!;-)

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