“American and British Reporters In Syria: There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack”

You want the truth, Mr and Ms America?

“You can’t handle the truth!”

* FDR knew Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor, long before 12/7/1941, as did the military authorities in Hawaii:

* Japan had been desperately trying to UNCONDITIONALLY surrender, in the summer of 1945, when this government dropped atomic bombs on two of its major cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

* This government and its Zionist cohorts were behind the 9-11 massacre of 3000 human beings; the buildings were rigged/wired to collapse in the way they did.

* There were no “WMDS” found in Iraq, because there were none.

* North Korea isn’t even close to becoming a “nuclear power”.

* And there was no gas attack in Syria, last week. Nor has there ever been any real evidence that Assad poisoned his people with chemical weapons, as U.S. military officials have admitted in the past.

And yet you, Mr and Ms America, fall for these false flags/psy-ops every time. And here is the proof: Trump’s approval rating went up by twelve points (51%), over the weekend, after his heinous crime against the Syrian people. My generation of warmongering, flag-waving American and European assholes needs to die out soon, before we take down the entire planet with us! We are a curse, as is this Anglo-Zionist empire!

American and British Reporters In Syria: There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack

Posted on April 16, 2018 by WashingtonsBlog

Well-known British reporter Robert Fisk says that a doctor at the hospital which treated the victims of an alleged chemical weapons attack said there were no chemical weapons … and that it was a member of the White Helmets who started the false rumor.

And American reporter Pearson Sharp says the same thing, that none of the local residents heard anything about a chemical weapons attack, and the locals said that the Islamic terrorists faked the attack in order to create enough chaos and confusion that they could slip out of town:

This would appear to confirm what the former British ambassador to Syria says.