“Clouds of mystery pourin’ / Confusion on the ground” — those lines from a CCR song from long ago sum up my take on what follows . . .

Taking Sides

Norm’s note: I’m going to juxtapose, way down below, two links to two pieces that I think people should read together, well, maybe not at the same time, as if that were even possible, but so as to set up what I deem to be a necessary contrast that to my mind underlines a general confusion among lefties to which most of them seem to be oblivious. After that, a bit of music to entertain us in our confusion.

But before I provide you with the links, as a contextualizing preamble, I want to share with you a comment (here slightly edited) that I just left over at a friend’s blog pertaining to an article recently published by Will Morrow:

Among the left, as with everyone else, there is a lot of confusion about what is going on. I note the critique of ‘Joseph Daher’ and the implication is that…

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