“The Sick and the Damned”

The way #woke liberalism (aka postliberalism) addresses illness and mental illness under capitalism is largely to feign empathy while remaining indifferent to the structural causes of illness. Postliberal and neoliberal thought views the individual as totally cut off from a social body, simply a biological unit in which malfunctions can be addressed through medical or … Continue reading “The Sick and the Damned”

“A letter and what made me think”

Here is some information from my friend in Turkey.

This helps to clarify what I was unaware of before. But like Migo, my concern was, and still is, for the Syrian people, and what the US and NATO are perpetrating on them!

unnecessary news from earth

This letter was shared by my earthling friend Sojourner, 2 days ago on his blog. I wanted to write what I have thought after reading this letter which wass written by a Syrian dissident. A part of the letter is right below what I think of the topic. You can find the letter completly on this link to read the whole letter: “Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians”


I do not know how badly Bashar al-Assad gave suffer Syrian people, but in here what is written in the letter should not be ignored. Assad family has a crime ration card. I’m not talking about what was done to own people. I will talk about another thing. The PKK terrorist organization was founded in 1978 in Turkey. And in Turkey, just before the CIA-backed fascist military coup of 12…

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