“Morality-Truth-Facts Have Exited From The Dying West”

The Holocaust is not a subject that can be studied or investigated. It is an occurance handed down by zionists that cannot be examined or modified and certainly not questioned. We must take it on faith alone. If a scholar does not, he is a Holocaust denier and, if European or captured in Europe, he … Continue reading “Morality-Truth-Facts Have Exited From The Dying West”

“Israel’s Secret Weapon”

The rogue state of Israel: a rich-bitch spoiled-brat that can get away with anything it wants, because its whore mother, England, and genocidal father, the U.S. Corporation, say so! How much longer are the people of this planet going to put up with this unholy trinity, this actual AXIS OF EVIL? Israel's Secret Weapon Broadcast … Continue reading “Israel’s Secret Weapon”