‘Your’ Two-Century Old, ‘Oh-So-Sacred’ Parchment is Working Just the Way It was Intended to Work, from Its Bastardized Inception!

Image: http://www.izquotes.com Democracy: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. So how can anyone claim that this empire is a democracy, when not everyone in the "eligible whole population" is "represented"? This government is not "BY" you and me, Mr and Ms … Continue reading ‘Your’ Two-Century Old, ‘Oh-So-Sacred’ Parchment is Working Just the Way It was Intended to Work, from Its Bastardized Inception!

“Millions of Americans face poverty in retirement”

{Also see: Squeezed: Why Our Families Can't Afford America and The Sad State of Poverty Among Children in America and Texas Man Evicted For Not Paying Government Mandated “Rent” On His Own Property} Financial “experts” on television and in blogs admonish young adults and baby boomers to be responsible and frugal and save for their … Continue reading “Millions of Americans face poverty in retirement”

“Video: Truth About $21 Trillion Missing at the Pentagon”

{Also see: WARS ON CREDIT: COST OF US ‘WAR ON TERROR’ APPROACHING 6 TRILLION} The person being interviewed in the following video is worried about this country. I am, instead, worried that this country will continue on as it is now, and destroy most of humanity and the planet! Video: Truth About $21 Trillion Missing … Continue reading “Video: Truth About $21 Trillion Missing at the Pentagon”

“The National Debt Scam” (16 Minute Video)

Although I am posting the following video, I do have these three comments to make about it: 1) I don't believe The Federal Reserve ever had a "noble beginning", not with George W Bush's grandpa and ASSociates at the helm! 2) The constitution is a CON! 3) Capitalism is a curse on humanity and the … Continue reading “The National Debt Scam” (16 Minute Video)

“The Myth of Barack Obama as the Great and Noble Nobel Global Statesman”



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The Myth of Barack Obama as the Great and Noble Nobel Global Statesman

It is no coincidence that the Sword, Sorcery and Dragons Fantasy Games of Thrones –filmed in large part on location in my native Northern Ireland – has entranced the American viewing public over the past decade: For the early 21st century has seen US policymakers and opinion-shapers plunging ever deeper into one fantasy after another. But even Game of Thrones pales in incredibility and absurdity next to the fantasy still believed by most Americans — That Barack Obama was a wise and responsible, peace-loving statesman.

In truth, Obama, casually and with evident self-satisfaction, unleashed series of catastrophic foreign national security policies that sent the world careening to the brink of nuclear war and inflicted needless suffering on scores of millions of people. No Game of Thrones villain ever did anything like that damage.

I have…

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“GS of Communist Party of Turkey comments on Turkey’s elections”

unnecessary news from earth

This interview was taken from SoL.news. These comments of Kemal Okuyan are providing to more understand especially the situations of the Turkey’s pro-system opponent parties and they help to explain the leanings of the electors of Turkey.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

soL news interviewed Kemal Okuyan, the general secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), on the results of June 24 election results. Okuyan reminded that the political power had organised electoral manipulations quite before the elections and that the TKP pointed this out strongly in those days. He highlights that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s “success” should be evaluated starting right from this point. Okuyan also noted that the coalition of the opposition was designed as a “project of the capitalists”, and that the “pro-establishment left” quit adhering to leftist values since anti-establishment left moved away from these values.

Turkey’s Supreme Electoral Board (YSK) had unlawfully prevented…

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“Israeli activists respond to Palestinian call, hang photos of fallen protesters along Gaza fence”





The following press release was sent to Mondoweiss by the Israeli group “Return” regarding an action today along the fence with Gaza:

A group of Israeli activists, dubbed “Return,” advanced today towards the fence besieging the Gaza Strip, and hung pictures on the fence depicting Palestinians slain by the military during the Great March of Return.

The activists responded to a call for solidarity made by the organizers of the protests. Gazan organizations have requested that the pictures of the fallen protesters be hung in various locations around the world and particularly in the fronts of Israeli and U.S. embassies, in order to support the protests and their aims. Similar actions are expected to take place globally in the coming weeks.

An Israeli military jeep arrived on the scene as the posters were being hung and demanded the activists remove them. The activists finished hanging posters…

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