“Protesting workers and youth defend immigrants”


“This is like the 1930s. We have to come together and oppose it”

By our reporters
2 July 2018

More than 75,000 people protested President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in Los Angeles on Saturday. There was wide interest in the statement distributed by members of the Socialist Equality Party, calling for the mobilization of the working class as a class to defend immigrants and oppose the repressive policies of both the Trump administration and the Democratic Party.

Many demonstrators gave their views to the World Socialist Web Site.

Zachary Johnson Dunlop

Zachary Johnson Dunlop is a lighting designer and technician living in Los Angeles. He said: “I wanted to lend my voice and my support for fighting the current crisis as a result of both the Supreme Court’s decision on the travel ban and the policy of separating children at the border, which is a bipartisan problem. While…

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