“Dumbed-Down”, Programmed America: “Fmr Education Secretary Admits US Students are Failing Because Education System “Runs on Lies””

Read this quote first, and then you will understand why I posted the following article:

…A classic axiom of propaganda is that people shouldn’t be allowed to think too much about what the government is doing in their name. After all, there’s more to life than politics, right? So while the power group has its cozy little wars and agendas going on, the people need to have their attention diverted.

All the strongmen of history would have given their eyeteeth to have at their disposal the number and types of distractions available to today’s regimes:

TV sports, its orchestrated frenzy and spectacle, where the fix is usually in

Super Sunday

the endless succession of unspeakably boring, inane movies, short on plot, long on CGI, re-working the same 20 premises, over and over

the wanton sexless flash of ‘talent shows’ with their uninspired lack of talent, a study in split second phony images

colossally dull TV programs which serve the secondary purpose of instilling proper robot attitudes into people who have little other instruction in life values

the artistic Mojave of modern music, with its soulless cyber-droning, a constant quest for the nadir of reptilian brain stimulation, devoid of lyrical competence, instrumental proficiency, or human passion

the ever-retreating promise of financial success, switched now to the trappings and toys that suggest success, available to anyone with a credit card

organized superstitions of all varieties, with their requisite pseudo-spiritual trappings

the constant sensationalization of crimes and “issues” throughout the world whose collective goal is the humble and grateful acknowledgement of “how good we’ve really got it”

dwelling for months on the minutiae of unsupported allegations of impropriety, preferably sexual, of a celebrity personality

non-events presented as events, brought to life by media alone, employing one of the Big Three hooks: sex, blood, and racism

With these ceaseless noisy, banal distractions, the forces promoting the general decline in intelligence and awareness jubilantly engulf us on all sides. Media science holds the advantage: as people get dumber and dumber year by year, it gets easier and easier to keep them dumb. The only challenge is that their threshold keeps getting lower. So in order to keep their attention, messages have to become more obvious and blatant, taking nothing for granted.

Here are some indicators of our declining intelligence:

– flagrant errors of grammar and spelling rampant in advertising, which go unnoticed

– declining SAT scores and the arbitrary resetting of Average, which has occurred at least twice in the past 8 years, in order to cover up how dumb our kids are really getting

– forcing the the dumbed-down Common Core philosophy upon American elementary schools

– increased volume and decreased speed of the voices of newsreaders on radio and TV

– the limited vocabulary and clichéd speech allowed in radio programs; the obvious lack of education and requisite pedestrian mentality required of the corporate simians who are featured on radio

– increasing illiteracy of high school graduates, both written and spoken

– the unwritten policy requiring school teachers, especially math and English teachers, to pass students who have failing marks, especially if they’re a certain race or other, so that the school won’t “look bad”

– decreasing requirements for masters theses and PhD dissertations in both length and content

– increasing oversimplification of movie and TV plot lines – absence of subtlety in conceptual and dramatic content; blatant moralizing of compliant robot values

– the speed at which images on TV are flashed, giving the viewer barely enough time to recognize which sledgehammer idea they are referring to before the next one appears, about 2 seconds later. That way there is no possible way the brain can follow a train of thought in any kind of depth. From childhood the brain learns that it is not to be tasked with understanding abstractions or concepts of any subtlety from the information presented. All the brain has to do is react to the incessant bombardment of fragmented ADD-generating visual stimuli without trying to derive sense or logic from it. This is why TV should be watched only with the sound off, since it has generally the same educational value as a lava lamp.

– the enormous proportion of time spent by TV channels telling the viewer what will be shown in the future, leaving no time for actually delivering what they have already endlessly promised in the recent past, which should be airing at the present moment.

– newspaper articles that are not written by reporters but that are scientifically crafted phrase by canny phrase by the PR industry and placed into the columns of syndication in the guise of ‘hard news’

– the recent removal of the basic science prerequisites for US chiropractic schools, which had been in place for 50 years

– Jerky, clumsy news clips, loaded with coarse innuendo and nonsequitur, ridiculously brief: most news clips evoke only the most superficial suggestion of events which may or may not have transpired, resulting generally in the transfer of no information

– the downward spiral of the level of ordinary conversations, which are commonly just exercises in stringing together random clichés from the very finite stock of endlessly repeated homogeneous bytes. It’s as though we’re only allowed to have 50 thoughts, and most conversation is just linking these 50 programmed audio clips together in a different order: America becomes our own private Sicily

– in popular music the overriding absence of melody, lyric, chord complexity, or instrumental competence

– increase in mandating neurotoxic drugs and vaccines with new laws and regulations

The Doors of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

Take responsibility for your own children, Mr and Ms Working-Poor America, including their education: HOMESCHOOLING. This is the quality of ‘education’ your children get, when you entrust them to this despotic, mind/intellect-raping system:

Fmr Education Secretary Admits US Students are Failing Because Education System “Runs on Lies”

AUGUST 7, 2018

By Rachel Blevins

Typically, when Americans hear someone say that the education system in the United States “runs on lies,” they would expect the statement to come from a disgruntled parent or student—but now it is coming from the former Secretary of Education, as he admits that the U.S. lies to families on a daily basis by promising them a quality education through public schools.

Arne Duncan, who served as education secretary for the Obama Administration, now appears to be calling out all sides of the spectrum for failing to prioritize the next generation. In an interview with CBS’ Face The Nation, Duncan argued that politicians are never held accountable for failing students and teachers.

“We say we value education but we never vote on education, we never hold politicians accountable local, state, or national level for getting better results, higher graduation rates, more people graduate from college,” Duncan said. “We say we value teachers but we don’t pay teachers, we don’t support them. We don’t mentor them, the way they need to do their incredibly important, tough, complex work.”

“As a nation, we’re not top 10 in anything,” Duncan said. And he has a solid point—the U.S. Department of Education released a troubling set of statistics in May, which showed that the majority of eighth graders in public schools are not proficient in reading or basic math.

According to a report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 34 percent of eighth-grade students in American public schools were proficient in mathematics in 2017. That number varied by state, with proficiency rates as high as 50 percent in Massachusetts and as low as 17 percent in Louisiana.

The reading report from NAEP revealed that last year, only 36 percent of eighth-grade students in American public schools were proficient in reading. That number also varied by state with proficiency rates as high as 49 percent in Massachusetts and as low as 24 percent in New Mexico…

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  1. I’ve noticed so many of the things poked out in the post, and one thing that really irks me is the increased volume and slower speech of TV presenters. Try watching the news, and I’m ready to claw my eyes out because they never say anything, and they’re always talking so loud, sometimes raving about utter nonsense. I find myself wondering why anyone still watches this mind numbing garbage! And what was said about music is spot on, but people tink I’m the weirdo for preferring music to have complex melodies, lyrics that aren’t just repeated nonsensical mantras, and real instruments. Sheesh!

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  2. Good for you, Jessica! Be glad that you stand out to them, the mediocre, the crass! You are talented and gifted, which they find odd.

    I am a classically trained musician, and in years past, I liked a great deal of contemporary, commercial music. But music today, if you can call it that, is inane BS!

    Yes, this writer nailed it in so many ways. Ir was one of those articles that I felt like I was reading my own thoughts and words!

    I hope all is well with you and your daughter? Thanks, Jessica!

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  3. I’m with you all the way. Being from a younger generation, I grew up exposed to absolute garbage for modern music, and found my way to classic rock from a very early age. Now I like a mix of rather obscure music, but I like being in my own special club. 😉

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