American Public ‘Education’: “Teacher says she was fired for giving zeroes to students who didn’t turn in their work”

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I keep stating, over and over again, that it is the parents’ responsibility to educate their children, not the state’s. Your children, Mr and Ms America, are being intellectually, emotionally and physically raped by your local public school systems: your children are being dumnbed-down, desensitized and dehumanized. It isn’t just the mind that is a terrible thing to waste, it is also the soul, the imagination, the wonder of it all, the creative nature of the individual child that is a terrible thing to waste.

Home-school your children, Mr and Ms America! It is your responsibility, so be responsible for once in your life, and do what is right for your children:

Teacher says she was fired for giving zeroes to students who didn’t turn in their work


A teacher in Port St. Lucie, Florida claims she was fired for refusing to give students partial credit for work that is never handed in.

“I got fired. I was packing my stuff, and I was not going to see the kids,” Diane Tirado said.

Mrs. Tirado didn’t get to say goodbye to her student physically, so she wrote her message on a whiteboard instead.

“Bye kids, Mrs. Tirado loves you and wishes you the best in life! I have been fired for refusing to give you a 50% for not handing anything in. [heart] Mrs. Tirado.”

She snapped a photo of it and shared it on Facebook. Then, the messages from her eighth-grade students started pouring in.

“You showed me to be responsible for my work and the things that I do. I hope you don’t forget me,” one student wrote.

Mrs. Tirado has been a teacher for more than 17 years. The 52-year-old began working at West Gate K-8 School this year as an eighth-grade social studies teacher.

She says she gave her students two weeks to complete an explorer’s notebook project but says some of them didn’t turn it in.

That’s when she says she learned about a no-zero grading policy, written in red in the school’s handbook, stating, “NO ZERO’S – LOWEST POSSIBLE GRADE IS 50%.”

Tirado says this sends the wrong message.
“If there’s nothing to grade, how can I give somebody a 50 percent?” she asked.

Her Sept. 14 termination letter doesn’t cite a specific reason, only stating she was contracted as a teacher on a probation period, and that she can be dismissed without cause.’

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6 thoughts on “American Public ‘Education’: “Teacher says she was fired for giving zeroes to students who didn’t turn in their work”

  1. Very sad state of affairs in education, Dave. I don’t agree, though, that parents are solely responsible for educating their children. Even if parents have the knowledge and ability to teach, I’m not sure how most would be able to afford staying home to do so. The reality is that we need to share the responsibility of raising and educating children as whole communities. And we need to teach responsibly, not the lies printed in texts these days. Just think what we could do to improve education, housing, health care, etc. if we cut the defense budget to $0.

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  2. Yes, I agree, Carol!

    But there are homeschooling organizations that can help working parents, and not all of these have religious affiliations. I have known many not financially secure parents who have made the sacrifices to get this done, and their children were the better off for it.

    I have written about this before. I probably should have included it here. If parents don’t want their children indoctrinated by this system, then they, at the least, need to try a new path, and if that means having less of the “American Dream”, then so be it.

    And yes, communities should be involved, but small self-governing/sustaining communities, not cities and megalopolises.

    Thanks, Carol. I know we both want the same thing here!

    Just so you know, Carol, my blogging days are coming to an end. I can’t do this anymore, it is tearing me down, physically and emotionally. So I will keep your blog bookmarked, and will check in, but after the posts I already have done, I am through!

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  3. I remember how hard it was to send my daughter to public school with teachers who knew so little and were so opinionated (biased). But it actually proved to be a positive. My daughter learned to think critically as a result. By 10, she could tell me that she knew her teacher was biased and she sometimes made conscious choices to complete projects in ways that would get her an A.

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  4. Oh yes, I know, Carol! I had students who saw through all of the indoctrination, too!

    And I would venture a guess that your daughter was blessed by your influence on her!

    My stepson graduated from public school, and he is a brilliant architect now, living in Oslo. He, too, saw the indoctrination and stupidity. But Like your daughter, Hunter was the exception, not the rule.

    By the way, I am leaving blogging behind. I have bookmarked your blog, so I will not lose touch.

    Thank you, Carol, you were a very bright spot during this blogging journey, and I look forward to continuing our conversations.

    I just can’t do this anymore!

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  5. I am so sorry to hear you are leaving, Dave. I will miss you and your important posts, but I do understand. I often contemplate leaving as well, but it’s not time for me to leave just yet. My email is listed under contact info on my blog. You are always welcome to stay in touch that way, too, Best wishes, dear friend, and please keep in touch. ❤

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