“An important letter”

Beyond the personal portions, the following speaks for me in so many ways!

I am through with this chasing after the wind! I wish you all well!

A Satanic World : God created Men. Men made religion, slavery, national patriotism, science, and racism

The following revelations have been exposed to me by so many events in my life but the vicious physical attack by an individual who physically assaulted me, strangled me, choked me, and beat me to rob me of material possessions and the lack of protection given me by police and certain medical professionals and hospital staff after the event and the reliable and almost guaranteed reaction in other people when told of the event – blaming me and getting angry with me for the attack has resulted in this last, public testament.  It would be on Facebook but I have deleted it.

I have no race, no ethnicity and no sexual orientation – I and all other Homo sapiens belong to the human race.  Skin color religious affiliation ethnicity spoken language are implored to divide people and justify elitism – to commit atrocities and disrespect others while we hypocritically elevate…

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