“The Shutdown Is Providing Evidence Of Private Businesses Making Government Obsolete”

Don’t expect these two losers to fix anything, they will only make things worse…

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Obama was truly the beginning of the end

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“…the US ruling elites are locked into an ugly internal struggle which only further weakens the USA. What is so telling is that the Democrats are still stuck with their same clueless, incompetent and infinitely arrogant leadership, in spite of the fact that everybody knows that the Democratic Party is in deep crisis and that new faces are desperately needed. But no, they are still completely stuck in their old ways and the same gang of gerontocrats continues to rule the party apparatus.

That is another surefire sign of degeneracy: when a regime can only produce incompetent, often old, leaders who are completely out of touch with reality and who blame their own failures on internal (“deplorables”) and external (“the Russians”) factors. Again, think of the Soviet Union under Brezhnev, the Apartheid regime in South Africa under F. W. de Klerk, or the Kerensky regime in 1917 Russia. It is quite telling that the political leader whom the AngloZionists try to scare the most simply thinks of them as “first-rate idiots”, it is not?

As for the Republicans, they are basically a subsidiary of the Israeli Likud Party. Just take a look at the long list of losers the Likud produced at home, and you will get a sense of what they can do in its US colony…”


15 Quotes By Silk Road’s Dread Pirate Roberts That Show Why Ideas Are So Dangerous To The State:

“You see, the state is control by force of violence. The lives so many of us enjoy are in effect curated by the laws, regulations and whims of the state, and so long as we don’t think too deeply about the possibility of a stateless world with a truly free economy, Uncle Sam (or Uncle Joe, or Chariman Mao, or whomever) is happy to let us graze in his wide pastures. Should we stray to far, we can expect to be severely beaten as an example to others who might be considering the same.”


Retconning History

“If we do not know our history we have no point of comparison. We cannot name the forces that control us or see the long continuity of capitalist oppression and resistance…”


Sanctions Lose Power: Russia’s Economy Continues To Expand, Sanctions Irrelevant

The United States is experiencing the problem of their sanctions no longer working as nations increasingly disobey what is declared by those in government. Despite sanctions, the Russian economy continues to grow at a steady pace and expand.

Inflation in Russia remained low while the expansion of the economy occurred last year according to a World Bank report. “Although economic sanctions tightened, Russia experienced relatively low and stable inflation and increased oil production. As a result of robust domestic activity, the Russian economy expanded at a 1.6 percent pace in the year just ended,” said the report.


Massive, uncontrollable government, whether in the west or east, is the cause of all this hell on earth; massive, uncontrollable government creates chaos worldwide, so it can then concoct some marsh-gas form of ‘order’, which in the end, will always be more disastrous than the original chaos.

Just talk to folks in American and Mexican small towns, where the local governments and police forces have been done away with: small towns that are now free of crime and all the unnecessary, despotic bullshit that always comes with government and its ‘elected’ criminals:

The Shutdown Is Providing Evidence Of Private Businesses Making Government Obsolete

By Mac Slavo

The government shutdown is just providing more evidence that the government itself is unnecessary. Private companies in the Yellowstone area are voluntarily paying to keep the park clean without federal funding.

According to Reason, nearly three weeks into the government shutdown, some of America’s national parks are starting to get a bit rank. Access to the parks (which are supposedly “owned” by the people who think they are the government) is free since there are no employees to collect the typical $35-per-vehicle entrance fee. But that comes with the trade-off of there being no employees to empty trash bins or clean toilets either.

Meanwhile, without being forced by the government, private companies are voluntarily paying to keep Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming clean. National Public Radio reports, local businesses are chipping in to make sure the bathrooms get cleaned, the roads get plowed, and the tourists keep coming. Even in the middle of winter, the park gets an estimated 20,000 visitors per month—and those hardy folks want to rent snowmobiles, hire tour guides, and take sightseeing trips. The private-sector businesses that thrive on those tourist dollars have a pretty strong incentive to make sure Yellowstone remains accessible – much more incentive than the government has.

This is what voluntary interaction looks like. Not one single person is forcing these companies to pay for snow plowing; however, because it is in their best interests, they have decided to foot the bill. Xanterra Parks and Resorts, which runs the only hotels inside Yellowstone that remain open during the winter, is leading the effort to cover the $7,500 daily tab for keeping the roads plowed and the snowmobile trails groomed during the shutdown, NPR further reports. Thirteen other private businesses that offer tours of the park are also chipping in $300 a day to help cover that expense.

There’s also probably a useful lesson here about what the privatization of national parks would look like. Rather than the corporatized dystopia of environmentalist nightmares, removing the government from the equation would allow businesses that have a vested interest in maintaining and protecting America’s natural splendor to do exactly that—and would prevent the parks from being caught up in the unrelated drama of whatever nonsense is happening in Washington, D.C. –Reason

In all, it seems like a pretty straightforward lesson about how private businesses will respond to changing market conditions and incentives. Keeping the park accessible means those businesses can continue to profit off tourists, government shutdown or not. The market has responded and as government becomes more obsolete and people begin to realize they can live their lives without a master dictating their every move and stealing their money, there will be more and more stories such as this that come to light.