“Death of Free Speech leads to Fascism”

“The concocted false narratives endlessly blasted out at full volume make such work difficult. The narratives that are designed to generate a misplaced sense of agency are perhaps the most difficult veil to shred. No matter how many times I try to explain that the US is not a democracy and that it doesn’t matter who is president, these facts seem to just bounce off people’s heads… Before our eyes the most reactionary and the most chauvinistic and homicidal parts of Western financial elites are transforming Western “democracy” into a model terrorist dictatorship… This is what fascism looks like.”

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Desultory Heroics

By Dmitry Orlov

Source: Club Orlov

Freedom of speech is rather important. If people do not feel free to express their thoughts, then all they can do is endlessly repeat what has been said before, creating an echo chamber which no new understandings can ever penetrate. What they repeat may have been a tissue of lies from the outset, or it may have been true or relevant once, but will become outdated and, essentially, as good as a lie.

Lies beget ignorance. Ignorance begets fear. Fear begets hatred. And hatred begets violence. The ability to speak our minds and to listen to others—even those who are said to be our enemies—is what separates us from wild beasts. Deprive us of this right, and sure as rain we degenerate into subhumans who claw at the ground, howl at the moon and gnaw on raw human flesh… or something like that.


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“If the youth raises hand against system like in France”

unnecessary news from earth

There is another protest group in France, as well as the Yellow Vests. They are high school and college students. They are against the government’s reform plans on new exam system, and they want Macron administration to listen them. In short, it is in this way, but the content is very wide.

To see the existence of freedom of expression is a lower probability than to see a dinosaur on the planet.

On December 6th, during French high school students’ protests, the images of the French police who humiliated the high school students tyrannically, were imprinted on everyone’s memory. Even in the most fascist administrations in history, it has been seen rare that young people were treated in this way. It is said that France is now governed with democracy. The guns with plactic bullets and tear gas that are bought by the public’s paid taxes, are also part of…

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We ‘The-Not Chosen’/The Not-Zionist (The ‘Goyim’) Are Being Systematically Exterminated! (Three Articles-Plus)

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“Pussy John Bolton and His Codpiece Mustache: Examining the Freak Show”

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“Zionism: Unmasked in 10 minutes”

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“All We Are Is Dust In The Wind”, When We Remain Mindless Members of the Vast, Madding Herd!

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