“We Destroy Your Health…and We Call it a Deal!”

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What do you do when you’re a Harvard scientist, and evidently, have tons of time on your hands to concoct schemes to save the planet, or at least get the temperature of Earth to the desired degree that you and your colleagues think is right?  Glad you asked – you come up with shyte like this:

Harvard Scientists to Fight Global Warming by Spraying Particles into Atmosphere – 4,000 Times a Year – via thefreethoughtproject.com

Harvard scientists have proposed flying more than 4,000 missions every year, dumping particles to geoengineer the planet out of global warming.

Harvard’s Gernot Wagner wants to save the world from global warming. His method? Develop a new type of plane that will fly more than 4,000 missions a year dumping particulates into the stratosphere.

Wagner and his colleague Wake Smith call the proposed plane “SAI Lofter (SAIL).” Anonymous individuals at “Airbus, Atlas Air, Boeing, Bombardier…

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