“Deep In Our Bones…We Know”

Dispatches from the Asylum

Deep in our bones we know it’s all wrong, it’s all gone mad – we’re so far away from what we are, or from even knowing who we are.

We rely on social media to dictate how we perceive ourselves, comparing what we have,  to the made-up shyte others on social media say they have. This is the barometer of a fulfilling life in this age of insanity.

We listen with great intent (here and there, in between the latest texts of “nothingness” we’ve received) to the propagandists in government and corporate media, outlining the BS they want us to follow.

Sadly, for the most part, we follow their insanity…only to find ourselves racked in more misery, more drudgery and more madness.

Yet, when the bed covers are tucked neatly under out chins each night, there probably is the slightest of cries to the heavens to help us.

But the…

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