“More 5G Goo – This Isn’t What We Will Allow Our End to Be…Right? (wonderful swing jazz at the end of the post, if only to provide a bit of a lift!)”

Dispatches from the Asylum

As civilization gallops towards its destruction, hell-bent on offing itself for the profits of the few and guano-drenched psychopath’s of the modern era – it’s comforting to know that in the not too distant future, we, the unwashed masses, won’t have to go to the cattle round-up found at our local gym to sweat away a few pounds, won’t have to see a shrink to sweat away the perplexing issues of the modern era, like, how many followers do I have on Twitter today? No, no, no – our loving corporate/government will provide the way.

Life is series of problems, mostly given to us by corporate shysters with their whizz-bang shyte offerings that they niftily market, telling us our (their) problems will be solved if we but purchase their technicolor wonder of horseshit.

And what makes this all the more funny, but actually pathetically sad is that we fall for…

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