“It’s Not That They Don’t Care…It’s That They F**king Don’t Care”

“We’ve allowed the absolute stench of human beings, if they are human at all, dictate a life of insanity for us, but not them.

They profit from the misery they heap upon innocents, and could give a shyte about it all. They are lunatics and degenerates of the first order.

All of the wonder from God, Mother Earth, or the Committee of Dolphins who started all this – all the beauty of creation, all the natural healing available to us all via herbs – all the love in our hearts for others that has been buried by modern era horseshit, to the point where we’ll trash it all, believing, and following the absolute f**kery of demonic souls…Mercy!”


Dispatches from the Asylum

You and our brethren suffer…Washington could give a shyte:

We Have Spent $32 Million Per Hour on War Since 2001 – By Stephanie Savell – via activistpost.com

According to estimates by the Costs of War project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, the war on terror has cost Americans a staggering $5.6 trillion since 2001, when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan.

$5.6 trillion. This figure includes not just the Pentagon’s war fund, but also future obligations such as social services for an ever-growing number of post-9/11 veterans.

It’s hard for most of us to even begin to grasp such an enormous number.

It means Americans spend $32 million per hour, according to a counter by the National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

And if all that rot isn’t enough…read and weep of the latest f**kery from John Bolton, bemoaning that Washington can’t just…

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“Alan “Israel Did 9/11” Sabrosky: Most Censored Man in America”

{Also see: Banned by Amazon and Purged by the Neocons} HERE IS EVEN MORE EVIDENCE REVEALING THE ROGUE-ZIONIST-STATE-OF-ISRAEL AND ITS HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Israel killed 40 Palestinian children in year of Gaza fence protests: UNICEF Far right Israeli regime air strikes damaged 500 Palestinian homes Israeli soldiers kill teenage Palestinian medic near Bethlehem Israel: … Continue reading “Alan “Israel Did 9/11” Sabrosky: Most Censored Man in America”