“‘Get out of Syria First’: Moscow Reacts to Trump’s Demand to Leave Venezuela”

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Boys and girls, can you say World War Three? Can you say Nuclear Holocaust?

Russia will “pay a price” for its military presence in Venezuela – Abrams:

(Another Zionist mouse that roars. Another lowlife, bloviating ass that Russia, some day sooner or later, will vaporize, if pushed too far.)

Washington ascribes its own plans for Venezuela to Moscow – Russia comments on US threats:

“The US is projecting its own plans against Venezuela on Moscow, surmising about “military contingents” and “operations,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said, adding that Russian specialists have clear and open goals in the country.

“It looks like Washington is judging by itself, trying to ascribe its own plans it has against this country to Moscow. Yet again, they arrogantly announce they have ‘all option on the table,’” foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Saturday. She added that Russian specialists in Venezuela are not “military contingent” which Moscow made clear from the very beginning.

The US’ unsubstantiated alarm over an imaginary Russian “military contingent” deployed to Venezuela is an example of the utmost hypocrisy, given its own activities in South America.

“It would be nice to know, what the numerous American military instructors are doing in Venezuela’s neighbor – Columbia?” Zakharova wondered. “And why is the White House eagerly calling its other neighbor – Brazil – to NATO, in violation of the charter and very name of the North Atlantic treaty?””

Russia to keep deepening cooperation with Venezuelan military – state arms exporter:

“A new helicopter training center has been built in Venezuela, the Russian state arms exporter said, pledging to deepen cooperation with Caracas. The news comes amid US threats of sanctions over Russia’s presence in the country.

The training center, built by Russia’s arms exporter, was unveiled on Friday, according to press service Rosoboronexport. The center is designed to train Venezuelan pilots to use such Russia-made hardware as Mi-17 and Mi-26 transport, Mi-35 attack helicopters and others.

“Rosoboronexport and other Russian organizations partaking in the Russian-Venezuelan military-technical cooperation, remain committed to deepening partnership with the defense ministry and other government bodies of Venezuela,” the press service said. The cooperation focuses on training military personnel and servicing the supplied hardware…”

Russia Throws Down the Gauntlet to US on Venezuela

Russia Rejects Trump Regime Demand to Leave Venezuela:

“Sergey Lavrov denounced Trump regime “attempts to organize a coup d’etat in Venezuela,” adding its “threats against the legitimate government are in violation of the UN Charter.”

Trump hardliners are conducting “undisguised (illegal) interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.”

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang stressed that all nations may collaborate with others, free from foreign interference, adding: Latin America “does not belong to any country and it is not anyone’s backyard.”

Russia’s lower house State Duma’s International Affairs Committee chairman Leonid Slutsky slammed Trump’s unacceptable demand for Russia to leave Venezuela, saying:

His remark was “a wild statement in the spirit of colonial approach. Trump can dictate neither to Venezuela, nor to Russia how to build bilateral relations, where, in which industries and on which territory to cooperate,” adding:

“The United States is again trying to impose its will by using force and by ignoring the law. And I agree with my colleagues: Washington should first show how it is to leave by fulfilling its (hollow) promises in Syria” – along with ending its illegal occupation of other countries, he should have added…”

US says it won’t rule out nuclear first strike, because allies wouldn’t trust it otherwise

Russian Navy tracks NATO squadron entering Black Sea (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

US is manufacturing a crisis in Venezuela so that there is chaos and ‘needed’ intervention:

“Venezuela is America’s current target for mass destabilization in the hope of installing a puppet government.

America has for years been waging an economic war against Venezuela, including debilitating sanctions which have dramatically affected the state’s ability to purchase medicines, and even mundane replacement parts needed in buses, ambulances, etc. Alongside the economic war there has been a steady propaganda war, but in recent months, the propaganda has escalated dramatically, from corporate media to US political figures.”

The US just ‘invaded’ an island in the East China Sea & no one noticed:

“Just recently, the US military launched a full-on invasion of an island in the East China Sea to send a strong message to China, and yet barely any mainstream media outlet has covered the story or its massive implications.

Last week, US marines from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit invaded a tiny island in Japan’s Okinawa archipelago, known as Ie Shima. Ie Shima is approximately 23 sq km, holds an airstrip, a fishing port and a local population of about 4,500 inhabitants.

Colonel Robert Brodie announced the planned operations in a Marine Corps statement last week. According to Colonel Brodie, because the Indo-Pacific region is “incredibly dynamic” the US Marines are preparing and training daily for “real world crises” coming about as a result.

The crises he is referring to is the loss of the Indo-Pacific region to an adversarial state, being China…”


US lecturing Russia to ‘keep out of Western Hemisphere’ is hubris & hypocrisy on steroids

Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. Former Editor-in-Chief of The Moscow News, he is author of the book, ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ released in 2013.

Demonstrators and activists gather to protest against a US led intervention in Venezuela in front of the White House on March 16, 2019. © AFP / Eric BARADAT

With US military assets scattered to the four corners of the planet, and entrenched on Russia’s border, Washington believes the world is a playground that no other nation may enter. This is arrogance at its finest.

Imagine how less complicated life would be if American statesmen only took the time to consult a world map before speaking publicly on global events. Had John Bolton, for example, performed this simple exercise he would have avoided appearing like the representative of a nation that is hell bent on conquering every square inch of real estate on planet Earth, or at least the real estate with proven oil reserves.

“The United States will not tolerate hostile foreign military powers meddling with the Western Hemisphere’s shared goals of democracy, security, and the rule of law,” the national security advisor tweeted this week in an apparent early morning bout of Napoleon complex. “The Venezuelan military must stand with the people of Venezuela.”

The insane assholes, which a small percentage of you sheep have continued to ‘vote’ into office, are about to force Putin’s and China’s hand. And this forcing of hands might end up being the end of North, Central and South America for certain, as well as Europe and most of the rest of humanity and the planet:

‘Get out of Syria first’: Moscow reacts to Trump’s demand to leave Venezuela


‘The Trump administration should make good on its own promise to pull troops out of Syria before telling others where they should or shouldn’t be, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in reply to Washington’s threat over Venezuela.

“Before they have their say in the lawful interests of other nations, I would advise the US administration to fulfill the promises that it had given to the international community,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, referring to US President Donald Trump’s pledge to get American troops out of Syria.

The US is behaving like a “cowboy in the Louvre,” undermining international order with its “chaotic moves and unpredictable behavior,” Zakharova said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that two of its military planes arrived in Venezuela as part of a 2001 military cooperation deal that does not require further approval by the Venezuelan National Assembly, which has been taken over by the opposition and the self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido. The planes carrying up to 100 Russian military specialists and cargo landed outside Caracas on Saturday, prompting wild guesses in the media.

Washington was incensed over the arrival of the Russian troops and denounced it as “unnecessary provocation.” Trump upped the ante by warning Russia that “all options are open” when it comes to kicking Russia out. The threat of American military intervention has been looming over Venezuela for months, ever since Washington backed Guaido’s claim to power and announced that it deemed the elected President Nicolas Maduro “illegitimate.”‘

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