“The Epic Congressional Rant of @AOC”

(Please Note: I rarely check out my site without being logged in, so I never see the ads that WordPress imposes on their so called 'free' blogs. I just checked it out, and I was appalled and sickened at how these ads permeate my postings. I apologize for this capitalist pig bullshit being so present … Continue reading “The Epic Congressional Rant of @AOC”

“Why I Don’t ‘BELIEVE’ in ‘Science’”

{Note: I am no fan of the following site's political point of view. But this site does, on a regular basis, expose the criminal, baldfaced lie that is "Anthropogenic Global Warming" ("AGW")} “I believe in science” is almost always invoked these days in support of one particular scientific claim: catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. And in … Continue reading “Why I Don’t ‘BELIEVE’ in ‘Science’”