“The Epic Congressional Rant of @AOC”

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If there is one term to describe the Left these days, it’s the psycho-babble term DENIAL. We have witnessed an ‘LGBTXYZ….’ MSNBC host in tears, after the release of the Mueller report, while her more composed comrades have been continually screaming, “Trump colluded with Russia, no matter what the Mueller report says! Evidently, Mueller is in cahoots with Putin too!”. (MSNBC’s Maddow keeps spinning Russian collusion hysteria, even as her OWN NETWORK corrects her)


{If this isn’t DENIAL, I don’t know what would be. The democrats have been as naked as jaybirds since this Russiagate bullshit first began. And now, everyone (not just folks like me) can see their ugly nakedness. So now, it’s all going to come home to roost, since the Republicans are going to go after Hillary, Bill, Obama, and all of the rest of the co-conspirators in this almost three year old witch hunt. Let’s talk about real/actual collusion with Russia, let’s talk about the Clinton’s sale of URANIUM to Russia: More Americans believe in ‘Clinton collusion’ after Mueller probe flop – poll // The Hypocritical and Criminal Nature of Hillary Clinton & her Faux-Left Stooges: “Former CIA Officer: Clinton “Involved In Biggest Treason In History””}

And now, AOC, after being soundly defeated, even by her own party, continues to whine and pretend that her massive brain-fart is still going to be foisted upon we the individuals. And by massive brain-fart, I’m referring, here, to AOC’s so called “Green New Deal”, which if implemented, would end up costing tax payers (you and me) 93 trillion dollars (SEE HERE).

Do you really want every square inch of your home and yard filled with solar panels, which will never meet your needs for energy? And do you really want every square inch of land in this country, including national parks, filled with gigantic windmills, which kill birds by the scores, do not produce enough energy efficiently, and break down continually? And do you want OAC and the rest of this screwed up government telling you what you can and can’t do continually? The same lowlife scum who own the oil industry also own the “Green” industry. It’s all about money. This is “The Green New Deal”, sheep to the slaughter! Wake the hell up: People Will Never, Ever Rebel As Long As They’re Successfully Propagandized

What is it with the Left these days? The Left I remember is dead and gone, and has been for a long time now. The new/pseudo/faux left is made up of primarily sheep-like whiners, idiots, baldfaced liars and criminals, who can’t wipe their own arses without seeking a psycho-babbler. Obnoxious and Pathetic:

Friday Funny- The epic congressional rant of @AOC

Anthony Watts

ome people just don’t know when to be contrite after a epic and devastating loss. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of those people.

Speaking at a House Financial Services Committee meeting on Tuesday, the embattled representative went on a tirade, angrily countering accusations that her Green New Deal was “elitist”, due to the humongous $93 trillion price tag associated with it.

She also reminded her many critics that just a year ago she was working as a waitress and had gotten health insurance for the first time in her life only just a month ago, thanks to her election to congress.


She released this hilarious stream of quotes:

“This is about American lives, and it should not be partisan. Science should not be partisan…”

“We talk about cost. We’re going to pay for this whether we pass a Green New Deal or not. Because as towns and cities go underwater, as wildfires ravage our communities, we are going to pay,”

“And we’re either going to decide if we’re going to pay to react, or if we’re going to pay to be proactive.”

Yes, well…ahem, floods and wildfires have been around long before mankind built towns and cities on floodplains or communities in forests, such as what happened with the tragedy in Paradise, CA in November 2018.

Her rant reminds me of the old Billy Joel song “Piano Man”.

…and the waitress is practicing politics….

She definitely needs more practice. But, this is what it really reminds me of:

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Source: Friday Funny- The epic congressional rant of @AOC