“What They Don’t Want You to Know – George Carlin” (4 Minute Video)

What they don't want you to know - George Carlin ANDREW CHEETHAM https://www.davidicke.com/article/530672/dont-want-know-george-carlin-2

“The Deranged, Vaudeville Act We’re Living In”

“Weather manipulation has been going on for years (and here and here). Real humans with a heart and soul like to comfort their non-questioning minds that the shysters who bring us their endless wars, killing millions of innocents; shysters who authorize $700+ Billion for the military industrial complex to produce even more weapons and artillery to kill more innocents, while our innocents in this country endure (not very well) illness, unaffordable health care, homelessness, lack of affordable housing and more and more, wouldn’t use the billions collected from us each year for more of their nefarious shyte.

No, instead we’re given mind-numbing terms like bomb cyclones, with these psychopath’s counting on our apathetic mind-set enough to believe that God has lost his/her/its way and has just decided to trash the planet. What a crock of excrement that the lost American swallows, without question, each and every day.

Crop failures from the recent “bomb cyclone” in the midwest US, heaping disaster upon farmers and ranchers – why it’s all just an act of God.


Dispatches from the Asylum

In this deranged vaudeville we find ourselves stuck in – there are no real life Easter bunnies hopping about, dropping genetically modified candy into our Easter basket; no real life Santa Claus gleefully stuffing chimney’s with plastic shyte made in China to provide a momentary sense of wonder and awe of the emptiness provided that will be forgotten about the next day; and certainly no real human being in any seat of power, whether it be in the halls of corporate or government f**kery, who can’t resist their pockets being lined with “donations” to promote continued insanity.

Consider the following:

Denver Weather: 60-Degree Drop in 36 Hours With Heavy Snow on the Way – via denver.cbslocal.com

DENVER (CBS4) – A major weather change will arrive over the next 24 hours with temperatures falling by up to 60 degrees in Denver and on the eastern plains of Colorado. In addition…

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