“Scientists Prove Man-Made Global Warming Is a Hoax”

{Also see: Global Climate Change} "But-but-but-but Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy told me we only have 12 years!" [...] "...actually, what this study proves is that there is nothing we can do to stop the Earth’s naturally occurring climate cycles. Even the worst of the worst, even the most maniacal pushing the Global Warming Hoax admit that, at … Continue reading “Scientists Prove Man-Made Global Warming Is a Hoax”

“Zionism, Crypto-Judaism, and the Biblical Hoax”

Also see: The Anti-Semitic Con: With the Putin/Russia Collusion Fairytale debunked, the undeniable cancer of real foreign interference in our government demands an honest airing. Since American politics is mortally corrupt, one might wonder why bother to expose one prime cause of its ethical degeneracy. If the beast is dead, what use is determining what … Continue reading “Zionism, Crypto-Judaism, and the Biblical Hoax”

This ‘EXCEPTIONAL’ NIGHTMARE is Just About Over!

Also see: Will the Trump administration go to war next?: Ever since Mr. MAGA made it to the White House, I have been awed by the level of sheer stupidity and, frankly, the immorality of this administration. Obama was almost as incompetent and evil, but Trump truly brought about a qualitative change in what we … Continue reading This ‘EXCEPTIONAL’ NIGHTMARE is Just About Over!