“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!”

Dispatches from the Asylum

Living in the vaudeville act of the modern era requires that you turn off your mind, tune into the prevalent BS piped into our minds via the corporate media, barfing up their lies, propaganda and bat shit, and sit back and relax.  The a-holes from Gehenna will do your thinking for you.

Watch this shittery from the guy with orange hair:

Donald Trump: “I Know Nothing About Wikileaks”



Trump Says Wikilieaks 141 Times on the Campaign Trail

Jesus, Mary and Joseph…the choicest of f**kery from this a-hole.

But rest assured, the modern purveyors of stench, have our best interests in their hearts:

They bombard our bodies with the toxins they infest in our water and food – and so few care.

They delight in opportunities to force innocents to take a jab in the arm of the chemical concoction of goo they and their corporate produce that you pay…

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