When it Comes to the Eugenics-Driven, Systematic-Extermination of Humanity, the Zionist-Capitalist Pigs Excel! (Three Examples)

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“The thing that really is trying to tyrannize through government is Science. The thing that really does use the secular arm is Science. And the creed that really is levying tithes and capturing schools, the creed that really is enforced by fine and imprisonment, the creed that really is proclaimed not in sermons but in statues, and spread not by pilgrims but by policemen—that creed is the great but disputed system of thought which began with Evolution and has ended in Eugenics. Materialism is really our established Church; for the government will really help it to persecute its heretics…I am not frightened of the word ‘persecution’…It is a term of legal fact. If it means the imposition by the police of a widely disputed theory, incapable of final proof—then our priests are not now persecuting, but our doctors are.”
― G.K. Chesterton, Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State

It’s time to wake the hell up and smell the treachery afoot, Mr and Ms America. All things come to an end, even empires, as history shows so well. And this empire, your empire, along with its vassal states (Europe), is in its death throes. And because of the severity of its death throes, this empire is striking out in all directions and at every entity and shadow that it sees, just like a rabid, cornered animal (Trade war with China: US will make sure it causes major ruckus before losing the fight). And you and I are on its list of enemies, as we always have been.

We and our ancestors built this piece of shit monstrosity, from the ground up, with our sweat and blood, our lives, and now we have outlived our usefulness to these inbred, insane swine. And herein lies the reason why they are seeking to covertly and overtly, systematically exterminate us (“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”):

1) Who’s Behind The 5G Cull Of Humanity?

By Dean Henderson

In 1999, HP scientist Richard P. Walker was granted a patent for what would become known as the internet of everything, now better known as 5G. Walker and the rest of his Silicon Valley colleagues had been fed military technology by Lockheed Martin and IBM.

HP spun off Agilent Technologies that same year as the vehicle through which the Walker patent would come to fruition. All ensuing patents pertaining to 5G would be mysteriously absorbed by Agilent, whether in the areas of surveillance, cybernetics, genetic engineering, human microchipping, or “wet works”.

The corporation pushing Walker’s Agilent patent forward is SERCO, a powerful British company close to Lockheed Martin, GE and BAE. The first and last are the two biggest defense contractors in the world. All four are part of Crown Agents USA Inc. The golden share in SERCO was historically controlled through British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) by Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2009 BNFL was shut down after spinning off its Westinghouse subsidiary. They had acquired Westinghouse in 1999, four years after Westinghouse bought CBS. BNFL’s nuclear plants had been privatized in 1996 and were taken over by British Energy. The same year BNFL shut down, British Energy was taken over by Electricite de France.

In 2000, Serco and Lockheed Martin took control of the UK’s Aldermaster weapons site. They also control two-thirds of the British Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE). The other third was owned by BNFL. During the past decade, AWE began exporting stolen US-enriched uranium from a Eunice, NM facility through its Urenco subsidiary. Urenco Executive Chairman Stephen Billingham came from British Energy. They were aided in this effort by the Highland Group, whose associates include the Clintons and Robert Mueller.

SERCO controls immigration and owns a pathology lab in the UK and runs detention centers, prisons and hospitals in Australia and New Zealand. But the bulk of its income comes from no-bid US government contracts granted to it by members of Senior Executive Services (SES). SES consists of government insiders who, unlike a typical civil servant, cannot be fired after one year of service. President Obama appointed 8,000 of them.

SES members are in fact British Crown Agents who feed US government contracts, innovations, resources and sensitive information to their Crown bosses.

SERCO receives $15-20 billion per year in US government contracts. It runs 63 air traffic control towers, manages Obama Care, runs city parking meters and lots as well as buses and trains, overseas Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) loans, and handles USAID shipments.

But 75% of SERCO’s contracts are with the Department of Defense. With offices in the Bank of England-controlled offshore dirty money banking centers of Guernsey, Jersey and the Cayman Islands, SERCO runs “security” for all branches of the US military and our intelligence services.

SERCO is deeply involved in the US Space Program through Aerospace Corporation, which plans to deploy 24,000 new 5G-enabling satellites via Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Amazon’s OneWeb in the next year. SERCO also holds contracts with Bill Gates’ Millenium Foundation involving the sterilization of Africans and Indians through vaccinations.

Founded in 1929, SERCO came out of RCA, another Crown Agent which morphed mostly into GE. RCA is best known for its consumer electronics but its main business had been military radar and sonar equipment. It is this same technology which is now being deployed as 5G. In my book Big Oil & Their Bankers…, I pinpoint RCA as a key player in the Crown assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

During the early 1960’s, RCA developed the UK Ballistic Missile Early Warning System. During the 1980’s they were awarded the contract to support the new European Space Agency and began maintaining London’s street lights. In 1987, with much of RCA absorbed into GE, what remained became SERCO.

During the 1990’s SERCO took its “services” international, focusing on the Five Eyes Alliance countries of the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US. The middle three countries are part of the Commonwealth and thus controlled directly by the British Crown. SERCO also began operating in the Crown’s puppet GCC monarchies in the Middle East, where it runs all air traffic control operations. It also gained control of Iraq’s Civil Aviation Authority. This makes Crown drugs, arms, oil and human smuggling in and out of that region a breeze.

SERCO provides “technical support” for CERN’s particle accelerator, manages transport services at North District Hospital in Hong Kong (another major drug trafficking center), and provides “support” for military bases in the Five Eyes nations. It manages the UK National Physics Laboratory and trains soldiers in the US and Germany.

SERCO also dominates contracts from US Homeland Security and is in charge of FEMA Region 9, which includes Alaska, Hawaii and the US West Coast, which has recently been experiencing a slew of not-so-natural disasters.

SERCO began providing IT support for European Parliament in 2014, began training US firefighters in Afghanistan in 2016 and began operating European Meteorological Satellites in 2017.

SERCO’s specialty is in handling sensitive cyber-data, including criminal records, driver’s license records, vaccination records, DNA databases, and military records and communications. This puts them in a position to completely control the Five Eyes governments and their citizens.

But SERCO’s most important GCHQ infiltration came in 2015 when it was awarded the patent classification contract in the US, essentially commandeering the US Patent Office. In this capacity they are able to steer and manage the Walker 5G patent in the Crown’s desired direction.

That direction, according to their own documents, is a 70% reduction in the UK population by 2025, with similar reductions in store around the world.

SERCO is run by two British Knights Hospitalier. Sir Roy Gardner is Serco Chairman who handles, according to SERCO’s own website, “relations with the City (of London) and major stakeholders (Queen Elizabeth II)”. CEO Rupert Soames is Winston Churchill’s grandson. In 2010, he was awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire (which, of course, does not exist).

Both came from Crown Agent GE, which manufactures the smart meters and LED lighting being rolled out ahead of 5G. Monsanto (now part of Nazi IG Farben descendant Bayer), is also closely held by the Crown, which explains why it continues to poison humanity with Roundup.

Many people are now identifying the multiple threats to humanity, from chemtrails to fluoridation to vaccines to glyphosphates to 5G. This awareness has grown to a point where the Establishment is now banning such information from the DARPAnet. A few others have identified these attacks as a coordinated attempt to depopulate 90% of humanity.

But the next task at hand in this criminal investigation is the most important one and needs to become our focus. We must identify the perps. For decades the ruling Illuminati banker oligarchy have expressed their obsession with overpopulation. Queen Elizabeth’s own husband Prince Philip has expressed his desire to reincarnate as a parasite so he can destroy humanity.

But it appears the Crown isn’t waiting for that eventuality. In their accelerating program towards the culling of billions of human beings from this planet, SERCO is the lynch pin which implicates the Crown as perpetrator of this well-planned genocide. 5G is key to their plan and must be stopped.

Anyone shielding or enabling these criminals is a traitor to their country. All aware people must shout out this indictment to family, friends, neighbors and the proper law enforcement agencies. It’s time to focus all our energy on the enemy and get these Luciferian sociopaths locked up before it’s too late.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Stickin’ it to the Matrix, The Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation.



As the hyena’s in Washington, corporate media and Hollywood continue to do what they do best, namely, soiling themselves and howling at anybody who will listen over the Trump, Mueller, Barr circus that never ends, promising that the freak show will continue until the next election when the Democratic and Republican parties ensure that Americans will once again be provided a choice between “more of the same”, no matter each party’s nominee, there is more important news to pay attention to rather than watching these hyena’s foam at the mouth over their latest “kill”.

One of the oldest and most respected medical journals out there, The Lancet, has issued their report on electromagnetic radiation, and the biological and health effects:

Planetary Electromagnetic Pollution: It is Time to Assess its Impact: – via thelancet.com

As the Planetary Health Alliance moves forward after a productive second annual meeting, a discussion on the rapid global proliferation of artificial electromagnetic fields would now be apt. The most notable is the blanket of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, largely microwave radiation generated for wireless communication and surveillance technologies, as mounting scientific evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation has serious biological and health effects. However, public exposure regulations in most countries continue to be based on the guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection1 and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,2 which were established in the 1990s on the belief that only acute thermal effects are hazardous.

…Due to the exponential increase in the use of wireless personal communication devices (eg, mobile or cordless phones and WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled devices) and the infrastructure facilitating them, levels of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation around the 1 GHz frequency band, which is mostly used for modern wireless communications, have increased from extremely low natural levels by about 1018 times (figure). Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation is also used for radar, security scanners, smart meters, and medical equipment (MRI, diathermy, and radiofrequency ablation). It is plausibly the most rapidly increasing anthropogenic environmental exposure since the mid-20th century, and levels will surge considerably again, as technologies like the Internet of Things and 5G add millions more radiofrequency transmitters around us. (emphasis added)

\Evidence exists for an association between neurodevelopmental or behavioural disorders in children and exposure to wireless devices,14 and experimental evidence, such as the Yale finding, shows that prenatal exposure could cause structural and functional changes in the brain associated with ADHD-like behaviour.16 These findings deserve urgent attention.

At the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association, an independent scientific organisation, volunteering scientists have constructed the world’s largest categorised online database of peer-reviewed studies on radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation and other man-made electromagnetic fields of lower frequencies. A recent evaluation of 2266 studies (including in-vitro and in-vivo studies in human, animal, and plant experimental systems and population studies) found that most studies (n=1546, 68·2%) have demonstrated significant biological or health effects associated with exposure to anthropogenic electromagnetic fields. We have published our preliminary data on radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, which shows that 89% (216 of 242) of experimental studies that investigated oxidative stress endpoints showed significant effects.7 This weight of scientific evidence refutes the prominent claim that the deployment of wireless technologies poses no health risks at the currently permitted non-thermal radiofrequency exposure levels. Instead, the evidence supports the International EMF Scientist Appeal by 244 scientists from 41 countries who have published on the subject in peer-reviewed literature and collectively petitioned the WHO and the UN for immediate measures to reduce public exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields and radiation.

via thelancet.com. The full report can be read here

Will this news make its way to the mainstream media? No. Will the hyena’s in Washington and the corporate media dimwits be shouting about this from their platforms? No. They’ve got more important shyte to attend to, like digging into their repository of f**kery residing in their hearts, minds and souls, spewing their insanity that they care so much for us, while healthcare costs soar, or the lack of any healthcare at all ruins many Americans lives. They care for the homeless, as the homeless remain homeless. They care for freedom, while they concoct their chicanery to extradite Julian Assange back here for their show trial. They spout their inglorious hallucinations that they are spreading democracy to sovereign nations who didn’t ask for their help, with their regime change activities, their wars and their destruction of any country who doesn’t bend the knee to Washington’s thuggery.

Why just a few days ago, the deranged nutjob with orange hair bloated on endlessly from his well of ignorance of how America is going to win the “race” to blanket the country with the telecommunications industry latest electromagnetic shittery of 5G.

But they care…

The rest of the article can be found here:

Source: For Our Health – Never Underestimate Washington’s Electromagnetic Goo They Have Brewed For All Of Us

2) Geoengineering releases high concentrations of TOXIC aluminum into the air, causing an increase in neurodegenerative diseases

Tracey Watson

Geoengineering, also known as climate engineering, is a controversial subject. Though many people dismiss it as nothing more than a conspiracy theory, there are many others who vehemently insist that governmental and other organizations are actively involved in attempts to manipulate the weather. Most of these experiments, they say, are directed at reversing the effects of so-called climate change, while some agencies have more sinister reasons for wanting to manipulate the weather, including a desire to control the ionosphere – and therefore radio communications – for military purposes.

In recent years, evidence has been mounting that perhaps geoengineering should not quickly be dismissed as conspiracy theory. Reports have emerged suggesting that increased amounts of aluminum are being detected in precipitation. If this heavy metal is present in the rain, it is certainly present in large quantities in the air. This ties in perfectly with the theory of geoengineering, which claims that aluminum is sprayed into the atmosphere as a way to control the rain.

Perhaps the most damning evidence supporting the geoengineering theory, however, is the massive increase in neurodegenerative diseases in recent years. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the number of people dying from Alzheimer’s has increased by a staggering 145 percent since 2000. This is significant, because scientists have been warning for some time that the use of aluminum for geoengineering purposes would cause a spike in the number of people with neurodegenerative diseases. (Related: U.S. fake news media claims geoengineering is a “conspiracy theory” while China and Russia work together to “modify the atmosphere”.)

The scientists have been warning about this for years

As reported by Waking Times (WT), declassified government documents dating back to the 1970s confirm that federally-funded scientific programs have been actively involved in studies dedicated to manipulation of the weather. And these programs have likely been intensified as global warming hysteria has increased.

This confirms what scientists have been saying for years. Waking Times reported:

In 2014, a CBS news crew interviewed physicist Dr. Michio Kaku. In the interview, Dr. Kaku revealed that scientists were conducting large-scale weather modification experiments that involved shooting lasers and nanoparticles into the sky.

Statements like this one have been backed up by scientific evidence, as further noted by WT:

[A] ground-breaking scientific study led by Dr. Marvin Herndon, a nuclear chemist and geochemist, found “evidence of geoengineering activity that has occurred for at least 15 years… the geoengineering activity via tanker-jet aircraft emplaces a non-natural, toxic substance in the Earth’s atmosphere” which results in the release of large amounts of aluminum nanoparticles.

Why atmospheric aluminum exposure is more dangerous

While it is true that humans are exposed to large amounts of aluminum on a daily basis via the food we eat, the water we drink and the medications we take, as explained by WT, the body only absorbs about 0.3 percent of this aluminum because of protection afforded by the intestinal tract.

Atmospheric aluminum, however, is far more dangerous:

When inhaled, atmospheric aluminum bypasses the lungs and has direct access to the bloodstream. From here it can circulate through the body and cause a significant amount of harm. This includes lung cancer, kidney damage, bone deformities, seizures, and anxiety.

There is also a great deal of research that reveals aluminum exposure can increase the risk of several brain diseases including Alzheimer’s. This is why Dr. Herndon proposed that geoengineering is responsible for the widespread rise of neurological disease around the world.

That 145 percent increase in Alzheimer’s deaths takes on new and disturbing meaning when viewed in harmony with this type of information. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid atmospheric aluminum exposure, emphasizing the importance of trying to detoxify from heavy metals on a regular basis.

Learn more at Geoengineering.news.

Sources and links can be found here:


3) Verizon Contest for Most “Killer” App to Recoup 5G Installation Costs. Ironically, No Studies Say 5G Is Safe and Plenty Say It’s Not. Killer Indeed.

By B.N. Frank

Last Friday, President Trump held a press conference at White House about the controversial “Race for 5G”. The Telecom Industry has admitted that no scientific studies have proven 5G is safe. Not only that, many scientific studies have actually already proven it is NOT safe. In fact, the first 5G court case was won last year in England. After it was installed in street lamps, residents became sick and women delivered still born babies. There are also dangerous cybersecurity and privacy risks associated with 5G too.

Regardless, despite widespread opposition, risk, and lawsuits (See 1, 2), 5G is still being promoted and installed across the U.S. It’s like living the 1996 movie, Mars Attacks. “Don’t run. We are your friends.” Gulp.

Now Verizon is holding a “killer” app contest to crowdsource 5G moneymaking ideas to recoup installation costs. This seems either brave or crazy or both considering that in 2014 the company stated they may be faced with future lawsuits and settlements because of their marketing practices, phones, and cell towers.

From FierceWireless.com:

Operators are looking for the “killer” 5G app to recoup the cost of rolling out 5G networks.

Now that it’s rolling out a 5G network across the U.S., Verizon is looking for ways to make money from it. To that end, Verizon is conducting a “Built on 5G Challenge,” a nationwide search for products, services, and applications for 5G. And the company is now accepting applications for the contest.

The challenge is looking for ideas that use 5G and related technologies such as low-latency edge computing.

Other operators are also looking for the “killer” 5G app because the cost of rolling out 5G networks is expensive, and the costs won’t be recouped simply by increasing prices for mobile connections. At Sprint’s press conference at MWC 2019 to announce its initial rollout of its 5G network, executives said they thought one of the first big use cases for 5G would likely be gaming.

Word on the street cynically suggests that the first real moneymaking application for 5G might be related to pornography, which played a big role in the expansion of the internet itself.

Americans don’t have enough options for gaming and porn?

The entire article, links and sources can be found here:

Source: Verizon Contest for Most “Killer” App to Recoup 5G Installation Costs. Ironically, No Studies Say 5G Is Safe and Plenty Say It’s Not. Killer Indeed.