“Life Sucks, Get Yourself a Dog”

“Read, comprehend, learn, and then change!”

Spirit Touching Bone

Ok we live in an unprecedented time of all-encompassing materialism and superficiality… just take a listen at the new music for proof. It is positively dreadful and thin, like a bleached echo of some artificial reality.

Everyone trying to fit in to a plastic, tattooed, mass-produced, soda pop world where one has to wonder – what are you trying to fit in to. Young people have no purpose, other than to look good, be cool, have many likes etc. “I just want to be myself”, they say, while buying another iPhone and pair of Nike shoes to be accepted.

Social media is literally killing of an entire generation. (Note: you can actually post items of substance beyond “look at me” – suicidal but smiling)

Where are the peace protests and anti-war anthems? Where is the counter culture? If you are so pissed off with the 1% why is your sole…

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