“Casually Alive”

Dispatches from the Asylum

“Sometimes I go and visit the doctor and get myself checked out; because the doctor has to stay in business and stay alive. Then I go to the pharmacy and exchange the recipe into medication, because the pharmacist has to stay in business and stay alive. Then I dump the medication to the drain because I too, have to stay in business and stay alive.” – Mark Twain

As most an observant citizen has noticed, most people you casually talk with – about everything from how the weather is to asking them a question about how they’re doing, and after thumbing through inane texts and photoshopped photo’s of themselves, you invariably hear them telling you how great everything is in their lives. This includes peripheral BS like how is their job, how is their marriage or partner-thing going or how was their latest haircut.

Then, if you get into…

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