“The Trend is Not Your Friend” – (Clusterfuck Nation)

{Also see: https://www.rt.com/shows/crosstalk/459178-trump-russia-foreign-policy/} The “recovery” from that was based on Wall Street’s premier swindle: the shale oil “miracle,” based on high-risk lending to companies that couldn’t make a red cent even while accomplishing the majestic stunt of exceeding America’s old 1970 oil production peak of around 10 million barrels-a-day (now at around 12 million). Notice, … Continue reading “The Trend is Not Your Friend” – (Clusterfuck Nation)

Russia Won World War Two, Not the Allies!

...The truth is Victory in Europe was predominantly a victory by the Russian and Soviet nations. After all, several of the European countries are guilty from their ruling establishments collaborating with Nazi Germany, as in France, Norway, Poland, and others. The concomitant of that duplicitous reality is that victory celebrations across Europe – except for … Continue reading Russia Won World War Two, Not the Allies!