“Gardasil’s Fraudulent Research Revealed: There Will Be Legal Consequences, Says Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”

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“With the growing recognition of the value of herbs, it is surely time to examine the professional therapeutic use of these herbs. There are profound changes happening in the American culture and herbal medicine, ‘green medicine,’ is playing an ever-increasing role in people’s experience of this transformation.” – David Hoffman

Excerpt from an article on Elderberry, found on thealchemistskitchen.com, by Ilana Sobo

How does a plant earn a position as esteemed as the queen of herbs when there are so many amazing botanicals to be found throughout the world? While there are many extraordinary healing friends in the plant kingdom, it is the elder who continues to enchant humans century after century. It can bring healing like no other herb when one needs potent immune support. Elder has a long and rich history of use throughout the world, so it is no surprise that the many benefits of elderberries are now being rediscovered, made use of, and studied. Elderberry is often used for its antioxidant activity, to support the heart, reduce inflammation, and improve vision. However, where elder particularly shines is its ability to boost and balance the immune system and quell coughs, colds, flu, and bacterial and viral infections.

History & Folklore

Revered for its exceptional healing gifts, there are many cultures that have worked with this amazing healing friend for many thousands of years. “Father of medicine” Hippocrates recognized elders’ gifts as early as 400AD. It was also popular with Native American tribes, as well as many people in Northern Africa, Asia and through Europe. Elder was often called the medicine chest of the country folk. The word Elder is derived from ellar or kindler, when the tubes formed from the branches were once upon a time used as pipes for kindling fires. The botanical name for the Elder, Sambucus, is from the Greek word Sambuca, which means wind instrument. Indeed, there was a pan pipe called the Sambuke, which was a musical instrument beloved by the Romans and Greeks. Some Native Americans tribes also used elderberry branches to make flutes, and the tree was sometimes called “the tree of music.”

…To sum up, Elder is indeed a powerful protector and wonderful herb to keep stocked in your medicine chest. The nutritional profile of the plant alone lets us know it is a tonic and helps build strength and increased vitality, regardless of whether you are ill or not. You might consider adding it to your diet, and there are many places to buy excellent elder products including the good folks at Evolver.

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Twitter goes all-in for the vaccine deep state:

(Natural News) Telling the truth about vaccines on Twitter, if you don’t get immediately shadowbanned or deplatformed for doing so, could land you, your account, and all of your tweeted content in Jack Dorsey’s digital “misinformation” bin, according to disturbing new reports.

The far-Left social media platform is reportedly launching a new ministry of propaganda “feature” that aims to stop Twitter users from sharing posts, videos, or other information that in any way suggests that vaccines aren’t 100 percent safe and effective all the time like the government claims.

In the very near future, when a search for information about vaccines is performed on Twitter, the platform will apparently be tuned to bring up only “approved” content claiming that vaccines are a perfect miracle medicine. However, should a vaccine query somehow pull up information that runs contrary to this, such as data showing that the MMR vaccine doesn’t even work, then Twitter will automatically mark such content as “misinformation.”

Don’t think for yourself, says Twitter – just believe what the government tells you…

Corrupt judge tramples parental rights and health freedom, orders healthy three-year-old to undergo chemo against parents’ wishes:

(Natural News) The medical police state is alive and thriving in the United States, where yet another corrupt judge has ruled that it’s up to Big Pharma, and not We the People, to determine how best to take care of ourselves and our families.

As we recently reported, three-year-old Noah McAdams of Florida is one of the latest victims of this ongoing assault against health freedom, as he’s now being forced against his parents’ wishes to undergo chemotherapy treatments for a cancer he no longer has.

Little Noah was first diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia back in April, after which his parents agreed to have him treated with chemotherapy – a reluctant decision coerced by the state, as his parents had originally preferred to treat him naturally with vitamins, an anti-cancer dietary regimen, and medical cannabis.

After just two rounds of chemotherapy, a follow-up diagnosis showed that Noah was cancer-free, prompting his parents to stop the chemotherapy and continue him on the natural regimen that they originally intended – a decision that’s fully within their rights as his biological parents and legal guardians.

But Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Tampa, where Noah had received his two rounds of chemotherapy, was none too pleased with Noah’s parents having the gall to make their own autonomous medical decisions for their son.

These self-appointed medical overlords actually issued an “endangered child alert” in response, and sent law enforcement to track down the family and apprehend little Noah, who they then abducted from his parents…

It’s time to wake the hell up, as many already have! It is your responsibility as parents to protect your children, and right now, your children are in great need of being protected from the government and the medical-industrial/pig-pharma complex:

Gardasil’s Fraudulent Research Revealed: There Will Be Legal Consequences, Says Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

MAY 17, 2019

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Children’s Health Defense’s Chairman and Chief Legal Counsel, finally has “put on the gloves” and is ready to fight Big Pharma’s Merck & Co., Inc. regarding the falsified and fraudulent research they undertook and presented to the CDC/FDA for the licensure of the HPV vaccine Gardasil®.

After reading the transcript of Mr. Kennedy’s video, I could not help but spotlight some of the more apparently shocking facts he and his team uncovered in their exposé of the fraud that apparently took place during Merck’s testing of the Gardasil® vaccine.

Much of the information below is taken from various parts of the video/transcript, which I request readers refer to here. This may read out of context, but it falls together to tell a long story as briefly as possible.

Corruption is systemic at FDA too shockingly 45 percent of FDA’s budget comes from the industry. Pharmaceutical companies pay billions of dollars in fees annually to FDA to fast track drugs. Between 2000-2010 pharmaceutical companies paid 3.4 billion dollars to FDA to get drug approvals, and those payments by industry have caused FDA and CDC to treat the vaccine makers not as a regulated entity but as partners and clients and friends.

I just want to talk for a moment about one example. From 2002 to 2009 Julie Gerberding was the director of CDC and she oversaw all, all of this crooked science that went into the approvals in 2006 and 2007 of Merck’s Gardasil vaccine. She was rewarded by Merck.

When she left the agency in 2009, she was hired by Merck as the president of its vaccine division and Merck gave her a salary of 2.5 million dollars a year, and 38 million dollars in stock options. And that kind of dough buys a lot of loyalty from regulators.

This is what the British Medical Journal said about those conflicts:

“Most of us were shocked to learn that the CDC takes funding from the industry. It is outrageous that industry apparently is allowed to punish the CDC if the agency conducts research that has the potential to cut into profits.”

Death risk from this vaccine according to Merck’s own studies is 37 times the risk of dying from cervical cancer.

And the problem with that is that the post-licensing surveillance system, the principle one, is called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The system is a voluntary system that simply does not work. It’s broken. In fact, in 2010 HHS hired another federal agency the agency for healthcare research quality and a group of Harvard researchers to study Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and those researchers found fewer than 1 percent of adverse events of vaccines are ever reported.

Japanese researchers found that the adverse event rate for the HPV vaccine was as high as nine percent and that pregnant women injected with the vaccine aborted or miscarried 30 percent of their babies.

Regarding your children’s doctors and pediatricians, here’s what Kennedy offered about the Gardasil® problem:

This is another thing your doctor probably doesn’t know. The government agency NIH actually developed the key component for the Gardasil vaccine and NIH owns part of the patent and receives royalties on it. Not only does NIH the agency receive millions and millions of dollars annually from the vaccine, but also the individual scientists who worked on the vaccine within the agency are entitled to make one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year in royalty payments from Merck.

Oh, every time your pediatrician sells one of those four hundred and twenty dollar vaccines to your child or you, NIH scientists and HHS scientists and the agencies themselves are making money on that transaction. And that’s why your doctor doesn’t know what’s happening because he’s getting his information or her information from those agencies.

So much for highlighting what’s the so-called Merck corporate culture and “vaccine politics” surrounding Gardasil®. However, the real nitty-gritty deceptions are to be found in the fraudulent research schemes Merck devised to ‘prove’ safety and efficacy and had the audacity to present for licensure.

The Cochrane Collaboration—thirty thousand scientists from all over the world who came together to create an independent assessment of medical protocols which they saw as being increasingly controlled by the industry—The Cochrane Collaboration said the use of active comparators probably increased the occurrence of harms and the comparative group thereby masking harms created by the HPV vaccine.

Finally, the American Medical Association says the absence of double-blind placebo testing and short-term studies of chronic disease are “the indicia of marketing masquerading as science.”

The one we’re most concerned with is protocol 18. The reason protocol 18 is critical is because that was the basis for FDA giving Merck the license to produce and market the vaccine.

And Attorney Kennedy takes off with describing unbelievable mischief, which I encourage readers to listen to because those kinds of shenanigans apparently happen during most vaccine trials—skullduggery to prove efficacy and safety.

Therein is the real problem for the ex-vaxxers or anti-vaccine movement.

Too many fraudulent exposés have leaked out with how the fraud was sanitized to prove vaccines do not cause Autism, which damaged one in 68 in 2016, a 47% increase from 2012. [1] However, the Autism rate in New Jersey is the highest in the USA at one in 29.3, per the CDC! [2]

And yet there is total reluctance to investigate ALL possibilities, including vaccines, regarding ASD. The “mantra of coincidence” is a specific conundrum based upon Big Pharma’s dogmatic statement, rather than independent, non-vested-interest consensus science, that vaccines cannot cause Autism, when in reality there are numerous CDC studies that had to be sanitized to come to that conclusion.

Attorney Kennedy has done a yeoman’s job in getting all “his ducks in a row.”

At the end of the video Kennedy tells Merck he will be filing a lawsuit against the company regarding fraudulent Gardasil® research, which apparently has been responsible for the following statistics gathered from the CDC’s vaccine post-marketing VAERS reports:

61,552Total Adverse Events

480 Deaths

15,406 Emergency Room

6,160 Hospitalized

672 Abnormal Pap smear

464 Cervical Cancer

328 Cervical Dysplasia

Source: VAERS Report 03/14/19 via SaneVax.org https://sanevax.org/

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Source: Gardasil’s Fraudulent Research Revealed: There Will Be Legal Consequences, Says Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr.