“Pfizer ‘Deliberately Buried’ Data Showing Its Arthritis Drug Might Also Prevent Alzheimer’s ‘Because It Wouldn’t Have Made The Pharma Giant Any Money'”

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Public health officials in New Hampshire publicly admit that MMR vaccine causes measles

There’s a pretty big chink forming in the armor surrounding the pro-vaccine narrative, as health officials in New Hampshire recently admitted that Merck & Co.’s combination MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella was the true cause of a measles outbreak in the area that rabid pro-vaxxers were quick to blame on the unvaccinated.

When “individual one” from the city of Keene first contracted measles, it was assumed based on mainstream media propaganda that the only possible cause was that this individual wasn’t vaccinated with MMR. But as it turns out, this individual was vaccinated with MMR – and we now know that adverse reactions caused by MMR caused this individual to develop measles.

Tests conducted by local health authorities, who likely weren’t pleased with what they found, determined that individual one became ill as a consequence of being vaccinated with MMR – this eye-opening finding completely shattering the official narrative that MMR is 100 percent safe and effective always.

It’s important to note that, before these test results were released, public health officials in New Hampshire were busy drumming up maximum fear and hysteria about the need for a mass vaccination campaign. But once the truth came out, they quickly went silent, and even went so far as to deny that anything had even happened – in other words, just move along, folks…

MURDER by NUMBERS – How the world’s most twisted promoters of toxic medicine get away with it (opinion):

Recently, Wikipedia’s co-founder, Larry Sanger, all but called out his own online fake encyclopedia by referring to Wikipedia as a “broken system” full of “bad actors.” What exactly did he mean by bad actors, and just how broken is the whole system? Well, those questions are actually rather easy ones to decipher and gauge. You see, Wikipedia pays vaccine shills, pharma hacks, and biotech goons to literally write their “definitions” of general terms, organizations, people, and products, all while pretending it’s the truth, just like actors in Hollywood, stuck with bad scripts for propaganda-filled movies and shows.

It’s all smoke and mirrors to sell more toxic food (think GMOs) and chemical medicine (think all prescription medications and chemotherapy) to the masses who use Wikipedia to try to find anything useful about food, science, agriculture, health, medicine, or safety.

That’s why sinister doctor David Gorski out of Detroit, once tied to the wicked Dr. Farid Fata, is one of those “bad actors” who writes for Wikipedia, as referred to by Larry Sanger. Remember, David Gorski is the crooked oncologist who worked as a colleague of cancer fraud doctor Farid Fata, who’s now serving 45 years in federal prison for killing healthy patients with his own concoction of chemo.

From the Fake News “QuackWatch” to the actual QUACKS still practicing “slow-kill” medicine

Some people have no morals, ethics, or values, and their sole mission in this life is to get paid by evil corporations to spread their lies and propaganda as the ministry of truth. They claim everything they promote is already decided to be “safe and effective” and it’s even agreed upon by some consensus, including all prescription medicines, all vaccines, global warming, and of course, chemotherapy…

Outlawed bread chemicals in Europe are somehow considered perfectly safe by FDA in the USA:

Would you eat something from a container labeled “Explosives” or “Petroleum Products” or “Pesticides?” We didn’t think so, but you do, and probably daily, if you live in the United States and eat non-organic bread. You might as well be digging into one of those bio-hazard containers when you open that bread bag and grab a few slices, or get that conventional burger, hot dog, bagel, pizza, chicken sandwich, quesadilla, or sub roll. The dough “conditioners” are industrial applications used to keep it all white, soft and “fresh” looking, but the short-and-long-term health implications you don’t even want to hear about, much less incur.

Potassium bromate (an oxidizer also called bromate flour) helps bread rise while fueling cancer cells of the kidneys and thyroid. Azodicarbonamide (ACA or “AZO”), the chemical compound used to make those bubbles in plastic and foam, is also used to bleach bread white. The human consumption implication? Again, cancer.

BREAD CHEMICALS: Brazil, China, and European Union ban obvious cancer-causing industrial chemicals from their bread

Most humans would object to eating industrial chemicals, if they knew about them in the first place, and had any self-control and value of life. It’s just plain common sense, but who really knows the truth here in the U.S.A., where the FDA and CDC do the exact OPPOSITE of what they are supposed to do, which would be to keep consumers safe and healthy. Here, the FDA and CDC collude with big business and purposely approve and help promote food and medicine that contain known carcinogens, nervous system disruptors, and cancer-causing agents…

Life-threatening rash that makes your skin burn, bubble, and fall off is a known side effect of a medication given to teens for mood swings:

There are lots of reasons you might want to avoid taking mood medications. Antidepressants, for example, not only have a pretty poor track record when it comes to effectiveness, but they also come with a concerning list of side effects. Now, another type of mood medication is in the spotlight after making a teenager’s skin fall off.

Fourteen-year-old Ashley Silverman was prescribed a drug called Lamictal (lamotrigine) by a psychiatrist to keep her mood swings under control. The drug is meant to treat bipolar disorder as well as seizures and epilepsy.

Silverman said she thought her mood swings were just part of teenage life and was not expecting medication, but a school counselor referred her to a clinic that prescribed her the drug. Although it bears a black box FDA warning due to potentially fatal side effects, the clinic somehow felt the need to give the young woman this deadly medication.

After taking it for about two weeks, her face was covered with a red rash. This was followed by headaches and a high fever, which she mistook for the flu. Soon after, the rash spread down her neck and chest and began to bubble. Unable to move and see, the teen thought she was going to die…

The systematic extermination of we the individuals (humanity) continues:

Pfizer ‘deliberately buried’ data showing its arthritis drug might also prevent Alzheimer’s ‘because it wouldn’t have made the pharma giant any money’


‘One of the world’s biggest drug firms deliberately buried data showing one of its arthritis medications could slash the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Pfizer kept its finding under wraps for more than three years because, it claims, it didn’t believe the evidence was strong enough.

It found the link between Alzheimer’s and the drug Enbrel when analysing medical insurance claims in hundreds of thousands of people in the US.

People taking Enbrel, an anti-inflammatory used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, appeared to be 64 per cent less likely to develop the memory-robbing disorder.

But after years of discussion, the company decided not to reveal what it had found, according to a document seen by the Washington Post.

Experts are sceptical of the firm’s reasons not to share its ‘strong’ data at a time when scientists are deep into a quest to find an Alzheimer’s treatment.

One suggested money – and a desire to not let others capitalise – may have been behind the decision because Enbrel’s patent had almost run out.

Pfizer told MailOnline this allegation is untrue and its decision not to publish was based ‘first and foremost on scientific rationale’.

Researchers working inside the $235billion (£184bn) company reportedly urged bosses to start a clinical trial to delve deeper into what they found in 2015.

This could have involved between 3,000 and 4,000 people, taken four years and cost the firm $80million (£63m), it estimated.

After internal discussions, the New York-based company decided in 2018 not to go ahead with a trial, and not to tell the research community what it had found.

A PowerPoint presentation from a Pfizer meeting the same year, seen by the Post, read: ‘Enbrel could potentially safely prevent, treat and slow progression of Alzheimer’s disease.’

Defending its decision not to investigate the link further, Pfizer – the maker of Viagra – said it believed the chances of success for a clinical trial were low.

And it added the findings from its insurance claims analysis, which included hundreds of thousands of people, did not meet ‘rigorous’ scientific standards.

‘I find Pfizer’s decision really difficult to understand,’ Professor Rob Howard, an old-age psychiatry expert at University College London, told MailOnline.’

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