The Medical-Industrial/Pig-Pharma Gestapo is Brazenly Forcing Its Ineffective and Toxic Vaccines on Your Children! (Follow-Up)

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Deadly U.S. medical HOAXES that 200 million Americans still believe

(Natural News) Every year millions of Americans die at the hands of their medical doctors, who do exactly as they’ve been trained, and prescribe deadly drugs and wield bad advice for their patients’ chronic illnesses. All of these “prescriptions” have been designed to fail, no matter how nice and honest the M.D.s and oncologist seem. Whether or not they know is irrelevant, because it’s all they know, and it’s all they are allowed by the AMA, FDA, and CDC to utilize.

#1. Fluoride in Drinking Water

Yes, fluoride is a drug. Even in parts per million or billion, no human should ever consume the sodium fluoride America drips into the municipal taps with one goal in mind – slowly poison consumers until they head to hospitals for chemotherapy, brittle bone syndrome, and dementia.

Remember, inflammation is the catapult for nearly all diseases and disorders, and industrial pollutants like fluoride are a key element of that insidious medical hoax and deadly Ponzi scheme.

If you haven’t already, it’s time for your family to invest in the best home water filtration system you can find. The Health Ranger recommends the Big Berkey system. It’s inexpensive and of the highest reliability for filtering out fluoride, other people’s medications, and heavy metal toxins.

#2. The Flu Shot

The CDC has no clue how to stop the flu, and they don’t want to. The flu shot sells about 200 million doses every year to morons across America who are not only still reeling from last year’s mercury jab, but are MORE LIKELY to catch the flu this year because of it.

That’s right, the year’s previous influenza vaccine causes the patient to have lowered immunity to the flu the following year. Plus, it’s all just a “shot in the dark” since the CDC has no clue what strains will be coming around, and there’s way more than just two or three, folks. It’s one of the most prolific medical hoaxes of all time, and people are dying from the mercury overload every day. Check the vaccine insert for thimerosal – they had to rename it so nobody thinks twice ever again.

#3. The HPV vaccine

Ask yourself now, why on Earth would a nine year old child need a vaccine that wears of in three years for a sexually transmitted disease spread by having anal sex or from sharing heroin needles? Be sure to ask the medical doctor that, my friends. If you do, get ready for some serious hemming and hawing, back peddling, and maybe even some displaced anger.

Why? More than 10,000 adverse events have been reported from children and teens who got this genetically modified HPV concoction injected into their muscle tissue. We’ve witnessed horror stories about anaphylactic shock, loss of muscle tissue, seizures, comas, permanent paralysis, and death. That’s because the vaccine contains fragmented forms of the virus, aluminum, and even sodium chloride. These are neurotoxins and carcinogens that disrupt and destroy the central nervous system.

Plus, most forms of human papillomaviruses are beaten down and defeated by the human immune system easily, and never amount to a health problem. No medical doctor in America stresses that point properly to their “clients for life.”

Ask yourself this also: Why is HPV such an enormous issue for the USA, but not other countries all around the world? Why are our numbers so high, could it be that the HPV vaccines spreads the disease, or just that the CDC uses propaganda and faulty research to make a fortune with Merck and GSK? Answer: All of the above. It’s another scam to push more deadly “immunizations” – just like the swine flu and Zika…

Vaccines are not traffic lights: new explosive CA lawsuit:

By Jon Rappoport

Let me boil this down.

ONE: California MD writes exemptions from vaccines for children who are his patients.

TWO: The city attorney for San Francisco issues an illegal subpoena to the MD, demanding to see all the medical records (including genetic information) of these patients. Obviously, the city attorney plans to use this medical information as a way to punish the MD for writing “unnecessary exemptions.”

THREE: The MD obtains a lawyer and sues the city attorney of San Francisco.

Attorney Richard Jaffe is representing Kenneth Stoller, MD, who is under the gun from the San Francisco City Attorney, Dennis Herrera. Here are explosive quotes from Mr. Jaffe’s press release:

“June 4, 2019: Today, Dr. Kenneth Stoller filed a lawsuit against the San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera for abuse of power and abuse of process due to the City Attorney’s illegal attempt to obtain the medical records and genetic information of Dr. Stoller’s vaccine exemption patients.”

“The City Attorney’s subpoena is illegal under state and federal law and represents an attempt to circumvent federal and state constitutional privacy and other protective laws that prevent ‘government snooping’ regarding protected genetic information. There are currently no protections in place that would prevent the city attorney from sharing patient records with other state agencies or departments or to allow for the triangulation of medical and genetic data.”

“‘The City Attorney and other state officials are essentially suggesting politicians should practice medicine without a license,’ said Dr. Stoller’s attorney Richard Jaffe….”


Addendum: In the quotes from defense attorney Jaffe above, you saw mention of a bill pending in the California State legislature, SB 276. It would establish politicians/bureaucrats as the arbiters in deciding whether to grant children exemptions from vaccines. The implication? At the whim and fancy of these pols, the private medical records of every such child could be demanded, pored over, exposed, and then “disappeared” into the state bureaucracy of agencies. How do you like THAT?…

How long, Parents? How long, before you finally have the guts to stand up and shout, "DROP THE TOXIC-FILLED SYRINGES, AND STEP AWAY FROM MY CHILD!"?

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR, AUTISM-ONE: “Google and GSK are one company”


‘Out of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s entire speech at AutismOne, what stood out the most was his discussion of internet censorship. In particular, Kennedy remarked that Google and Autism Investigated’s favorite pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline “are one company now.”
They are engaged in a partnership worth over a half-billion dollars. To make matters even scarier, GlaxoSmithKline has taken control of Google’s data. Amazingly, this was not known to Autism Investigated but unsurprisingly confirms GlaxoSmithKline’s direct role in leading vaccine censorship online.

The company does support internet trolls and tried to get a whistleblower with CDC to retract his prior statements. The corporation even hired off the CDC’s lead investigator of the mercury preservative thimerosal as he was manipulating his early findings and was also behind the Homeland Security rider to protect thimerosal makers from litigation.

Most critically, the company shut down the original vaccine-autism research and then directed the hospital to leak medical records to its hired opposition researcher. He subsequently complained against the lead scientist to get him de-licensed and get his research “retracted” in a hearing chaired by a company stockholder. And just what does the featured Google description of that scientist say?

Andrew Jeremy Wakefield is a discredited former British doctor who became an anti-vaccine activist. He was a gastroenterologist until he was struck off the UK medical register for unethical behaviour

His “unethical behavior,” as his strike-off made clear, was for not withholding adverse vaccine events from publication of a case study of disabled children. Had he done so, he would have done something actually unethical. Therefore, it is no surprise that GlaxoSmithKline is now partnering with Google to take it to the next step by eliminating that information to the internet. In fact, it is to be expected.’

Source – AutismInvestigated