“Toxic Air Leads to Premature Death in New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Berlin and Moscow”

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Glyphosate Worse than We Could Imagine. “It’s Everywhere”:

Glyphosate residues have been found in tap water, orange juice, children’s urine, breast milk, chips, snacks, beer, wine, cereals, eggs, oatmeal, wheat products, and most conventional foods tested. It’s everywhere, in brief.

As new studies continue to point to a direct link between the widely-used glyphosate herbicide and various forms of cancer, the agribusiness lobby fights ferociously to ignore or discredit evidence of human and other damage. A second US court jury case just ruled that Monsanto, now a part of the German Bayer AG, must pay $ 81 million in damages to plaintiff Edwin Hardeman who contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. The ruling and a line-up of another 11,000 pending cases in US courts going after the effects of glyphosate, have hit Bayer AG hard with the company announcing several thousand layoffs as its stock price plunges.

In a trial in San Francisco the jury was unanimous in their verdict that Monsanto Roundup weed-killer, based on glyphosate, had been responsible for Hardeman’s cancer. His attorneys stated,

“It is clear from Monsanto’s actions that it does not care whether Roundup causes cancer, focusing instead on manipulating public opinion and undermining anyone who raises genuine and legitimate concerns about Roundup.”

It is the second defeat for the lawyers of Monsanto after another jury ruled in 2018 that Glyphosate-based Roundup was responsible for the cancer illness of a California school grounds-keeper who contracted the same form of cancer after daily spraying school grounds with Roundup over years, unprotected. There a jury found Monsanto guilty of “malice and oppression” in that company executives, based on internal email discovery, knew that their glyphosate products could cause cancer and suppressed this information from the public.

A new independent study shows that those with highest exposure to glyphosate have a 41% increased risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) cancer…

We the individuals, worldwide, are being systematically exterminated by the inbred and insane elite-swine: the water we drink is filled with toxins (‘Third World’ America: “Poison Water: Radium Levels have Risen to Dangerous Levels in America”), the food we eat is filled with toxins (SHOCK as Trump signs executive order that will end most regulations and oversight on genetically engineered food), the medicine we take is filled with toxins (Pig Pharma and The Medical Industrial Complex at Work: “Chemotherapy found to stop new brain cells from growing, worsening depression in brain cancer patients”), the vaccines that are forced on us and our children are filled with toxins (New York City closes tenth Jewish school for violating vaccine order), the electronic devices we use to communicate and entertain ourselves with bake our bodies with radiation (5G Danger: 13 Reasons 5G Wireless Technology Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity), and the air we breathe is filled with heavy metals and other toxins. Even our furnishings and flooring material are coated with toxins (Scientists discover toxins from flooring and furniture in children’s blood, urine):

Toxic Air Leads to Premature Death in New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Berlin and Moscow

By Hans Stehling
Global Research, June 12, 2019

There is today a major health crisis due to toxic air pollution exposure in every city in Europe, America, China and around the world.

Whilst there is now some regulation that has recently been introduced to control toxic exhaust emissions there is no regulation whatsoever regarding the public’s exposure to polluting, non-exhaust, microscopic particulate matter from millions of metallised-rubber tyres and brake pads.

This particulate matter causes heart and lung disease particularly in children, also cancer and premature death. It not only damages lung growth and brain development but affects every stage of our lives. It can cause asthma and death in susceptible children and those who are elderly.

The scale of the problem of toxic pollution exposure in every major city around the world is unknown and unappreciated. It is, without doubt, the single most important challenge to health worldwide, today. Despite this, there is no regulation either by governments or by motor manufacturers. The urgency of the matter and the scale of the problem requires urgent action on both an international level and on a national level, globally. This is a major, modern health crisis that is damaging all of our children who live in urban conurbations anywhere on the globe.

An estimated 1.1m tonnes of toxic tyre waste including highly dangerous, polluting particulates are discharged into the environment/atmosphere each year from a combined total of about 590 million cars currently in the United States and Europe, alone.*

Currently, the toxicity of the air that we and our children breathe, increases every day from both the nitrogen oxide (NO2) in exhaust emissions and from the highly toxic, non-exhaust particulate matter that we breathe.

It is an international scandal in which currently no government accepts a duty of care to ensure its citizens are not irreparably damaged by polluted air. We are all entitled to clean air and clean water. That is our right!

Otherwise, we ourselves, our children and our society will become more sick with every passing year.


Hans Stehling (pen name) is an analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Source: Toxic Air Leads to Premature Death in New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Berlin and Moscow – Global Research