“7 Persistent Myths About Homeschoolers Debunked”

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School’s Purpose Is Indoctrination:

‘The near sole purpose of present-day academia is indoctrination. This is a fairly bold thesis, but the evidence is in its favor.

The increasingly progressive leftist agenda is sweeping through academia and conservatives are passively watching it happen.

The main indoctrination stories you hear are those of radical professors on college campuses, outlandish majors created to forward social justice movements, and, on occasion, a political outburst by a high school teacher.

Indoctrination is no longer dependent upon the political beliefs of teachers. We are now past that.

Although these issues need addressing, by far the biggest – and the one that should scare everyone the most – is the silent indoctrination.

Indoctrination is no longer dependent upon the political beliefs of teachers. We are now past that. Course material is blatant political propaganda. Not just the course material for gender studies and similar. The core curricula of grade school through college.

Sciences, economics, literature – any core course you can think of is politically influenced…

SWAT-style raid on Christian school at center of lawsuit as California demands they teach sexual exploitation or face closure:

The lunatic Democrats who own the state of California continue to demonstrate daily what life under totalitarianism really looks like, and yet far too few state residents seem to notice.

The latest example of Democrat tyranny involves a Christian school in northern California whose students and staff were recently victimized by a heavily-armed SWAT-style raid over a bogus report.

The raid has been followed up by threats of closure from California officials who claim the school is no longer operating within the law — statutes that would force it to abandon its Christian principles and allow for the sexual exploitation of its young students.

As reported by CBN News, the Pacific Justice Institute is representing the River View Christian Academy following a Jan. 19 raid “which terrified students and staff, consisted of 16 armed law enforcement from the California Highway Patrol (CHP), 2 canine units, and 17 social workers,” the legal group said in a statement.

Why the raid? Somehow, state authorities became convinced that the academy was housing illegal drugs, stockpiling weapons, ammunition, and food as it prepared for an apocalypse.

But the raid did not turn up any evidence of that claim, and yet no one from law enforcement even offered an apology, much less an explanation, according to PJI.

Here’s what the raid did accomplish, however: It opened the school up to scrutiny from California’s Left-wing bureaucracy, which swooped in and claimed the academy was violating all kinds of state regulations…

{I am no defender of Christianity or any other of man’s religions, but where is the ‘Freedom of Religion’ bullshit in California? I’ll tell you where, it’s up some elite-pigs’ ass: ‘Freedom of Religion’ is political bullshit, as is ‘freedom of speech’, political ‘rights’ are as worthless as the parchment/paper they were/are written on. Only the inbred, insane pigs have rights, in this ‘United’ “shitholes” of America!}

I have been around homeschooled children (and adults) for the last quarter century or more. And as a former public school teacher, I can tell you that these young people are better educated, imaginative/creative, socially adjusted, and successful at living life, than the largest portion of their public ‘educated’ counterparts. In fact, the difference between these young, bright and personable homeschooled individuals and the largest percentage of public-school indoctrinated-sheep is as different as LIGHT is from UTTER DARKNESS.

Instead of sitting around in some ‘safe-space’, whining about being offended by others, homeschooled children are too busy being creative and problem solving: instead of playing the victim card, these young people gladly take on the challenges set before them by others, they relish in their own accomplishments, truly understanding who they are and what they have to offer themselves and others. This is the very definition of the complete individual, as opposed to the mindless, whiny-ass, easly-triggered herd member, which the public ‘education’ system mass produces every day of every year!

The reason for the corporate-government owned and operated teachers-unions constant slamming of the homeschooling system is simply due to the fact that homeschooling exposes, in the bright light of day, the public ‘education’ system for the mind-fucking, life-destroying fraud it is and has always been. Homeschooled children have the great benefit of escaping, in particular, the left-wing’s mindless propagandizing/brainwashing bullshit, which goes on in public schools, every single minute of every single day, from the first day of kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Homeschooling is the only sure way for parents to protect their children from this burgeoning totalitarian-state (failed empire) and its public-school ‘educated’, intellectually and culturally dead sheep to the slaughter (the mindless/willfully-ignorant, insouciant, always-a-victim herd/hoard):

7 Persistent Myths About Homeschoolers Debunked

By Jeff Minick

In the last 50 years, homeschooling in the United States has grown from a tiny movement composed primarily of conservative Christians and John Holt “unschoolers” to its present size of around 1.69 million students.

Despite these numbers, and despite the fact that most Americans are familiar with the concept of homeschooling, some misconceptions continue to make the rounds.

Let’s look at seven of these long-standing myths.

Myth #1: Homeschoolers are Unsocialized

If you homeschool your children, they’ll fail to develop certain social skills. “What about socialization?” Numerous people asked me this question when my wife and I began homeschooling our children in the late 1980s, and people continue to ask it of homeschoolers today. The fact is we are all “socialized” simply by living. So then the question arises: Will Johnny develop better social skills spending his days in a classroom with his peers or in a home with mom, dad, siblings, and other relatives?

Over a period of 20 years I offered seminars in various subjects to hundreds of homeschoolers. I came to know many of them and their families, and can attest that homeschool graduates entered college or the work force “well-adjusted.” Studies as far back as 20 years ago back me up on this point.

Myth #2: Homeschoolers are Extremely Sheltered

Parents who educate their children at home are overly protective and don’t want them exposed to certain ideas taught in our public schools. True perhaps for a minority, but the majority of parents homeschool for a much wider variety of reasons, ranging from the desire to include religion in their curriculum to the time and freedom homeschooling gives to students to develop their talents.

For example, one young man in my seminars, Bill, elected to homeschool so that he could spend more time swimming. That talent helped gain him entry into the US Naval Academy. Of course, the main reason most parents choose homeschooling is that they find it academically superior to other types of education.

Myth #3: Homeschoolers are Nerds With No Other Interests

Homeschoolers are geeks and nerds who spend their days sequestered in the living room with their laptops and books. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most homeschoolers engage in such activities as sports and Scouts, volunteer in their library or a local soup kitchen, and even open small businesses, like the 15-year-old in my seminars who made jewelry and sold her creations online. (One mom whose four kids were engaged in sports, dance, and piano used to joke that she was a “van school mom.”)

In Asheville, North Carolina, for example, you’ll find homeschool sports teams—football, basketball, tennis, track, and more—concert bands, a debating club, and co-ops offering courses from calculus to Latin.

Myth #4: Homeschool Parents Aren’t Qualified

“Many parents aren’t qualified to teach their children.”

Those who toss this dart generally mean that most homeschooling parents don’t have degrees in teaching. The truth is that any competent adult with a high school education can teach their children at home. Why? Because help abounds for that teacher. The homeschooling mom or dad can choose from a wide range of curricula containing lesson plans, teacher’s manuals, tests and answer keys.

Co-ops and classes shared with other homeschoolers are near universal among homeschoolers. If Mrs. Smith is a whiz at higher mathematics and Mrs. Jones speaks French like a native, they bring their children together and share these skills. Finally, the internet is crammed with classes, tutorials, and seminars that can benefit homeschoolers.

Myth #5: Homeschoolers Have Trouble Getting Into College

Nope. In fact, the opposite is true. Colleges today are actively recruiting homeschooled students, regarding them in general as better prepared academically, more self-disciplined, and more mature than many of their contemporaries. Because of the freedom derived from homeschooling, many homeschooled students are also able to build a strong resume of extracurricular activities, making them more attractive to college recruiters.

Myth #6: Homeschool Parents Commit Child Abuse at a Greater Rate Than the General Population

Wrong again. In fact, studies have shown that far fewer homeschoolers, as well as those who attend religious schools, suffer from sexual abuse, neglect, and death than students in the public schools. This misperception arises in part because the media fails to distinguish between homeschooling families and truant families, that is, families who keep their children out of school and then claim to be homeschoolers.

Myth #7: Homeschooling Hurts Our Public Schools

No again. Most parents pay taxes for public schools that they don’t use and pay for their own school expenses out of pocket. Some states do allow tax credits for homeschooling families.

Time to put these misconceptions to rest once and for all.

This post Debunking Seven Persistent Myths About Homeschoolers was originally published on Intellectual Takeout by Jeff Minick.

Jeff Minick is a freelance writer and teacher living in Front Royal, Virginia. He may be found online at jeffminick.com.

Image Credit: nastya_gepp from Pixabay

Source: 7 Persistent Myths About Homeschoolers Debunked

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  1. I wish we could homeschool in Germany. The only options here are to find alternative schools that cost a fortune, like the Waldorf school or the self directed variety. There aren’t many around so commuting is necessary if there’s a school near enough, and the cost for families on a budget just aren’t doable.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that, Jessica. Is there any hope the government there, will change?

    A close friend who homeschooled his (now grown) children here, believes this government is going to attempt to ban homeschooling.

    The one thing you can do, is keep an eye on the curriculum, and intervene with your kids when you sense they are being propagandized. Be active in their education, along with other parents, be a pain in the neck to the state’s ‘educators’. Just a suggestion.


  3. No luck. And I think you are right about the States. It will happen slowly, one state after another, but I’m pretty sure it’s headed in that direction.
    Your advice to stay active in my children’s education is exactly what I plan to do. 😉

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