CAPITALISM IS A CURSE: “Study Linking US Sanctions to Venezuelan Deaths Buried by Reuters for Over a Month”

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US-backed Venezuela opposition caught embezzling ‘humanitarian aid’ cash:

Millions of dollars raised for “freedom and democracy” in Venezuela ended up spent in Colombia by the aides of US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido, and were exposed by Colombian spies in yet another blow to his cause.

Guaido declared himself “interim president” of Venezuela in January and was recognized by the US and many of its Latin American allies, but has repeatedly failed to seize power from President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas.

Now he seems farther from that goal than ever, as several of his aides have been named by Colombian intelligence in a leak revealing the embezzlement of US funds intended for paying Venezuelan army defectors. The funds were raised by a Live Aid-style concert, organized by billionaire philanthropist Richard Branson in February, and intended to coincide with Guaido’s followers forcing open the border with Colombia to US “humanitarian aid.”

The leaked documents – published by PanAm Post, an outlet sympathetic to Guaido – now reveal why that never happened. Regional coordinator for Guaido’s Popular Will Party, Kevin Rojas, and the “interim president’s” chief of staff Rossana Barrera were accused of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash on fancy hotels, expensive clothes, booze, car and other high-life items…

Venezuela the latest victim of West’s ‘virus-like’ black ops – Russian intel chief:

Western secret services are perfecting clandestine tools which are designed to weaken countries like viruses weaken bodies, the Russian foreign intelligence chief has said. This kind of warfare is currently used in Venezuela.
The criticism came from Sergey Naryshkin, who heads Russia’s foreign intelligence agency SVR. He said spies are constantly improving the tool used to dispose of governments that the West does not like.

“We are talking about creating a universal algorithm for conducting clandestine influence operations in a continuous manner and on a global scale,” he said. According to the official, this clandestine work “never stops and targets not only enemies, but also friends and neutral powers in the times of peace, crisis and war.”

It can be compared to the action of a virus; it can spend decades destroying a human organism without symptoms, and once diagnosed, often it’s too late to treat it.

The methods used to influence and destabilize other nations include creating network-oriented structures that can operate on a premise of public activism, art, science, religion or extremism, the Russian official said. After collecting data on the fault lines in a targeted society, those structures are used to attack those weak points in a synchronized assault, overwhelming the nation’s capability to respond to crises…


“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9

Of course, this was written before psychopath’s kept inbreeding enough with other, closely related psychopath’s, until the chain of humans began morphing into non-humans without spines, souls, and with only a couple of psychopathic brain cells left to rub together for a bit of devilishly fun afternoon delights in the form of laying the planet to waste, bit by bit.

Sadly, afternoon delights for humans is now not much more than interacting with a metal and plastic device, or celebrating the modern day comfort of listening to and then sharing lies, distortions, falsehoods…you know, bullshit, with their family, friends, lovers, main and secondary squeezes.

Quaint and dainty farts, discreetly released just 60 or so years ago, have turned into exceptional heaps of dung where the collective mindset of today resides, while roaming about the urban streets that have taken on the look of a colorfully decorated outhouse.

It seems the followers of non-humans have come to accept, appreciate and even adore exceptional, yet toxic shyte.

WASHINGTON — The United States is stepping up digital incursions into Russia’s electric power grid in a warning to President Vladimir V. Putin and a demonstration of how the Trump administration is using new authorities to deploy cybertools more aggressively, current and former government officials said. – via

Haven’t these corporate media hyena’s been telling us for the past two and a half years that only Russia did this kind of shyte?

The Washington psychopath’s no longer hide their sinister stirrings of f**kery…they now just brazenly tell the world how they plan to screw it in whatever hellish nightmare they come up with.

But all this ain’t anything new…

It isn’t Maduro who is responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of Venezuelans, it is, as always, your Anglo-Zionist empire from hell, Mr and Ms ‘Exceptional’ America. You and your Anglo-Zionist empire are, and have always been, a curse on humanity and the planet:

Study Linking US Sanctions to Venezuelan Deaths Buried by Reuters for Over a Month


‘I emailed Stephanie Nebehay of Reuters on May 22 about her article, “Venezuela Turns to Russia, Cuba, China in Health Crisis” (5/22/19). Her article depicted the impact of US sanctions as an allegation that Venezuelan government officials are alone in making. The article stated:

The opposition blames [medical shortages] on economic incompetence and corruption by the leftist movement in power for two decades, but [President Nicolás] Maduro says US economic sanctions are the cause.

I asked why the piece made no mention of a study (CEPR, 4/25/19) released a month earlier by economists Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs, which directly linked US sanctions to 40,000 deaths in Venezuela since August of 2017.

Her reply to me on May 23 was quite telling:

I was not aware of that study, but am now and will bear in mind.

It would indeed have been impossible for a Reuters reporter to be aware of the study if they depended only on Reuters articles to keep informed. The news agency hadn’t mentioned the study since it was released, never mind written an article about it.

I asked a contact I have at Reuters about this, and he was also surprised that Reuters hadn’t even mentioned the study. He suggested I query some of Reuters’ Venezuela-based reporters, which I did a few days later.

In my email to them, I passed along a list of news articles since August 2017, when Trump first dramatically intensified economic sanctions, that described worsening economic conditions. I also noted that though the Sachs/Weisbrot study was ignored by Reuters, it had been intensely debated in public by Venezuelan opposition economists (i.e., the kind of people Reuters and other Western media actually pay attention to on Venezuela).’

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