“Where the F**K are the Dolphins?”

Dispatches from the Asylum

Maybe the dolphins will come and save our asses from the calamity of letting shyster’s and psychopath’s ruin us all…but then again, how many of us would give a shyte if they do?

As one who regularly reads the unfolding melodrama of nutjobs, sociopaths, lunatics, demons and a-holes parading their shyte in front of us all, and never, ever being held accountable for their shyte – I’m left to wonder, just how much shyte is enough before the regular folk say, no more of their f**kery?

Supreme sexual degenerates continue to seep out of the woodwork, so few give a shyte, so they continue to get away with their shyte.

Generation Z types forego their privacy so that they can check into music festivals by TSA-style checkpoints at public venues using facial recognition bullshit – but it’s all ok.

Classical music is now on the degenerates hit-list.

Apple wrist…

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