“Archaeologists on Twitter Tear Down Netanyahu’s Claims that Palestinians have ‘no Connection’ to Homeland”

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And Right From The Khazar’s (Netanyhu’s) Own Mouth!

Here is more from the original article in The Times of Israel:

Israel seems finally to have thrown in the towel. A blue-ribbon team of scholars from leading research institutions and museums has just issued a secret report to the government, acknowledging that European Jews are in fact Khazars. (Whether this would result in yet another proposal to revise the words to “Hatikvah” remains to be seen.) At first sight, this would seem to be the worst possible news, given the Prime Minister’s relentless insistence on the need for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” and the stagnation of the peace talks. But others have underestimated him at their peril. An aide quipped, when life hands you an etrog, you build a sukkah.

Speaking off the record, he (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) explained, “We first thought that admitting we are really Khazars was one way to get around Abbas’s insistence that no Jew can remain in a Palestinian state. Maybe we were grasping at straws. But when he refused to accept that, it forced us to think about more creative solutions. The Ukrainian invitation for the Jews to return was a godsend. Relocating all the settlers within Israel in a short time would be difficult for reasons of logistics and economics. We certainly don’t want another fashlan like the expulsion of the settlers in the GazaHitnatkut [disengagement].

“We’re not talking about all the Ashkenazi Jews going back to Ukraine. Obviously that is not practical.” (The Times of Israel)

The Untold Story of Christian Zionism’s Rise to Power in the United States:

‘Well before Theodore Herzl founded political Zionism and published The Jewish State, Christian Zionists in the United States and England were already seeking to direct and influence the foreign policy of both nations in service to a religious obsession end times prophecy’

‘The largest pro-Israel organization in the United States is not composed of Jews, but of Christian evangelicals, with a total membership of 7 million, more than 2 million more members than the entirety of the American Jewish community.

Members of this organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), met in Washington on Monday, attracting thousands of attendees and featuring speeches from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Secretary of State and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Vice President Mike Pence, and National Security Advisor John Bolton. CUFI’s leader, controversial evangelical preacher John Hagee, has met with President Donald Trump several times and was recently part of an exclusive White House meeting in March on the administration’s upcoming “peace plan” for Israel and Palestine.

CUFI is but one of many organizations throughout American history that have promoted the state of Israel and Zionism on the grounds that a Jewish ethnostate in Palestine is a requirement for the fulfillment of end-times prophecy and necessary for Jesus Christ to return to Earth — an event Christians often refer to as “the Second Coming…”

{Sojourner note: religion, including STATISM, has been a curse on humanity from the very beginning. Get rid of major religion and its hierophants, and STATISM and its politicians, and there might just be a life worth living for we the individuals!}

Check out the image above, since it reveals the truth about modern day Zionists and their apartheid rogue-state. Netanyahu is aware of this truth, but he is a psychopathic liar, con-man and genocidal freak of nature, who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it spit in his Zionist-pig face.

The Hyksos/Hebrew race was an ancient warmongering, genocidal curse on the peoples of the middle east (as Israel is today), and it has been a dead race since the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem, in 70 AD, and the Hyksos/Hebrew race was dispersed.

The largest portion of Jews and Zionists today, are of Eastern or Central European ancestry: none of them can legitimately claim to be of Semitic ancestry, nor can they legitimately make claim to Palestine. Whereas the Palestinians and all other Arabs are of Semitic ancestry, and therefore, they have all rights to the land (Palestine) that Israel has been illegally occupying for the last seventy years.

Until Israel and its vassal state, the US Corporation, are held accountable and severely punished for their heinous crimes against humanity, there will be no peace on earth (Israel’s Involvement in Libya’s Civil War). The falling Anglo-Zionist empire will take down most of humanity with it, if we the individuals, worldwide, continue to sit idly by and do nothing to stop it:

Archaeologists on Twitter tear down Netanyahu’s claims that Palestinians have ‘no connection’ to homeland


‘The “Philistine-Palestinian” debate has been brought to the forefront again, this time by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Seemingly triggered — along with the rest of Twitter — by Linda Sarsour’s comments that “Jesus was Palestinian,” Netanyahu took to the social media platform to highlight what he said was proof that Palestinians were not as connected to the land of Israel and Palestine as Jews are.

Linking to a new Israeli study of DNA collected from an ancient Philistine site in the Ashkelon coastal region, Netanyahu said the study “confirms what we know from the Bible – that the origin of the Philistines is in southern Europe.”

Netanyahu went on to reference the Biblical mention of a place called Caphtor, thought to be modern-day Crete, where the Philistines allegedly migrated from before arriving in Palestine.

He went on: “There’s no connection between the ancient Philistines & the modern Palestinians, whose ancestors came from the Arabian Peninsula to the Land of Israel thousands of years later.”

“The Palestinians’ connection to the Land of Israel is nothing compared to the 4,000 year connection that the Jewish people have with the land,” the premiere concluded.

Palestinian activists and supporters were quick to tear down Netanyahu’s comments which they said were setting a dangerous precedent for the denial of Palestinian human rights.

Ali Abunimah, journalist and co-founder of the Electronic Intifada news website called Netanyahu’s comments a “warning sign of genocide.”’

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