“Viral ‘Global Warming’ Photo Takes Internet by Storm … But It’s Nearly Identical to a 1984 Pic”

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Wind Farm Back-of-the-Envelope Economic Analysis:

The bottom line back-of-the-envelope conclusion of this economic evaluation is that these things are not even close to being economic.

And, environmentally, they kill birds and bats – millions of them. I used to wonder how this could be happening. The propellers seem to be turning so slow. But the propeller blades are so long they only appear to be moving slowly. The tips of the blades are actually moving at 180 to 200 mph. No wonder a bird can’t see them coming. And, apparently bats don’t even have to be hit by the blade to die. The way bats are killed is that the passing blade creates a vacuum and the bat’s lungs explode even if he doesn’t come into contact with the blade. And, yes, I know that cars and windows and cats kill birds but cars and windows and cats don’t kill eagles and falcons and other protected birds and endangered species, and cars, windows, and cats don’t kill bats.

And, the stupidest, most injudicious, most reckless thing of all is that the Obama administration granted permits to wind farms to kill birds and bats, including endangered species. All other industries are fined big dollars for killing birds – not wind power. Double Standard? How crazy is this?

Then, the coup d’état – The craziest part of this whole thing is that we must keep 100% of the fossil fuel plants operating to generate electricity during the 80+ % of the time the wind is not blowing at the right speed. Wow. So, what do we save?

We continue to build thousands of these things at a cost to the taxpayer of $ billions/year. Why in the world are we doing this? I’m dumbfounded…

{Sojourner note: here is another example of the pseudo left’s asinine, failed answer to energy ‘sustainability’. Wrong again, conniving dumb-asses! Wrong Again!}

Zero emissions, construction digger, runs out of power in 2 hours. Requiring it to be recharged using a diesel generator for 8 hours!

The bigger the lie the more it will need to be repeated. The truth has no need of such repetition, since it is the truth. Thus the reason the “AGW’ panderers are stuck in a never ending cycle of having to repeat the same baldfaced lie, over and over and over and….

Viral ‘Global Warming’ Photo Takes Internet by Storm … But It’s Nearly Identical to a 1984 Pic


Every picture tells a story, doesn’t it?

There are few things environmental alarmists love more than a gripping photograph, and a picture that rocketed around social media in June showing sled dogs splashing through melted ice in Greenland seemed to fit the climate change crowd’s agenda to a T.

As it turns out, the photo didn’t tell the whole story at all.

When the photo, taken by Danish meteorological scientist Steffen Malskær Olsen, came out, the usual suspects had a field day gloating about how it proved the case for global warming. Liberal media outlets CBS, CNN and The Guardian ate it up.

“Photo of sled dogs walking through water shows reality of Greenland’s melting ice sheet,” CNN’s headline proclaimed in no uncertain terms.

CNN’s tweet got the exact responses liberals wanted.

“And Trump still won’t acknowledge climate change is real and sadly he would say that photo is ‘fake,’” one Twitter user wrote. “Climate denialism will kill more environment, animals and yes, people!”

The photo isn’t exactly “fake,” but as an Italian news source pointed out, it’s extremely misleading.

Melted ice in the area is not unusual in June, and a similar photo taken in roughly the same place in Greenland 35 years ago shows conditions were almost exactly the same, Il Post reported, according to an electronic translation.

The Italian news outlet said the Olsen photo caught the attention of Peter Heide Jørgensen, a professor at the Greenland Natural Resources Institute, who had taken a different photo proving the “reality” in the Olsen photo wasn’t all that unusual.

Conservative commentator and activist Jack Posobiec posted the Jørgensen photo from 1984 next to the 2019 OIsen photo.

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Viral ‘Global Warming’ Photo Takes Internet by Storm … But It’s Nearly Identical to a 1984 Pic